10 reasons why you NEED yoga in your life!

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While there are many ways to live a healthy lifestyle, there’s nothing quite like including yoga in your regular routine. For the uninitiated, yoga is a collection of mental, physical and spiritual practices which originated in India thousands of years ago.

For fitness buffs, yoga is a great way to stay healthy and fit, but it can also be a wonderful practice to benefit your mind and soul. If you have been looking for something to help you achieve a healthier lifestyle and better wellbeing, yoga in Melbourne could be a great choice for you. Below, you’ll discover 10 reasons why yoga is awesome for your wellbeing.

Improves Flexibility, Posture, Balance and Muscle Strength

Including yoga poses in your daily routine can help build muscle strength, improve your posture and increase your flexibility. Yoga poses are very useful in working out the muscles of your arms, legs, shoulders and core. The best thing about doing yoga poses, or “asanas” as they are called, is that you do not need to be very flexible to do them.

By incorporating yoga poses into your daily routine, you will notice an improvement in just a few weeks. Practicing yoga every day will eventually help you achieve a leaner and stronger body.

Improves Cardiovascular Endurance

Contrary to what some people think, practicing yoga is good for your heart. Although this type of exercise does not involve typical cardio activities like running, biking or swimming, it does improve your heart health. Yoga is known to lower the blood pressure of individuals and improve the function of your respiratory system (due to the breathing techniques), while boosting lung capacity and blood circulation.

Furthermore, if you have already suffered from a cardiac arrest or other heart conditions, practicing yoga could be of benefit to you. Yoga can be excellent for your heart thanks to the calming effect it provides. If you have never been to a yoga session, the first thing you might notice after finishing one is that you will usually feel more relaxed.

Aids Injury Recovery

Studies have shown that practicing yoga can be beneficial for people who have suffered from injuries. The yoga poses and positions have proven to be helpful in reducing the time it takes for an injury to heal. The great thing about performing yoga poses and positions is that they are gentle to the muscles. So it’s a self-compassionate way to ease yourself back into exercise.

Treats Back Pain

Studies have shown that practicing yoga can help alleviate chronic back pain. After a week of practicing yoga, a study showed that people who had chronic back pain reported feeling less pain in their back.

Assists In Weight Loss

Since yoga involves working out your muscles, it will naturally help you to lose weight because it burns calories and fat. There are several yoga poses geared towards losing weight. When you combine a healthy diet with a daily yoga routine, it can be one of the best weight loss combos around.

Helps You Sleep Better

As you may already know, one of the most crucial factors for staying healthy is to make sure you always get enough sleep. Sleeping is our body’s way of recovering from daily activities. The amount and quality of sleep we get helps our body prepare for activities the next day. The reason why yoga helps people sleep better is that it allows your nervous system to relax through various meditations and exercises. Helping you feel more calm and composed.

Boosts Emotional Health

All forms of physical exercise can boost emotional health at some level. Yoga is no exception! A study conducted by Duke University Medical Center reported that people with depression and schizophrenia could benefit from practicing yoga regularly. The researchers found that a yoga class could help the body produce oxytocin. While the meditation techniques resulted in a boost in serotonin levels (a hormone which has been linked to happiness).

Helps Relieve Hangover

Surprisingly, practicing yoga may be better than any hangover cure you can find on the internet. Doing yoga poses and positions is a great way to detoxify the body and can also boost your metabolism. The science about this explains that some yoga poses will reverse the blood flow in your body. Which results in more blood to the brain, creating a balance in your body. You could say that yoga is the ultimate hangover cure!

Improves Focus

If you are having trouble focusing on a specific task, yoga can help solve that problem for you. As stated above, yoga allows you to stay calm and composed. Which often enables you to focus on the present much easier. Yoga is also a great form of meditation which allows you to clear your mind and work towards your goals. In fact, one of the main principles of yoga is to be a disciplined method of attaining a goal.

Relieves Stress

Lastly, through breathing exercises and forms of meditation, yoga can help relieve stress. Yoga allows you to realign your awareness and attention to better cope with the day-to-day stress that you encounter. Yoga also teaches you how to breathe correctly, which is an essential factor in stress management. So basically, yoga is a combination of all the best stress relieving exercises.

As you can see, yoga is a powerful way to experience physical, mental, emotional and spiritual benefits. By incorporating it into your daily routine, you will begin to develop healthy habits. Which will often lead to better overall wellbeing. There is a reason why yoga has persisted for thousands of years; it is the ultimate healthy lifestyle choice which can provide a range of meaningful benefits.

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Rachelle Andrea was a guidance adviser for 5 years in the Philippines. Married an Aussie and now an experienced yoga instructor living in Melbourne, Australia. She has been a yogi for 3 years and teaches private yoga classes by appointment. She is a mother of two and a wife for five years. Rachelle is also an active member of Kaya Health Clubs.