Where in 10 years

10 years from now, where will you be?


Have a clue?

Not quite sure at all?

That’s ok. Like a fortune-teller with her crystal ball in hand, you too can look into your future now and see the life you are manifesting.

Here’s how you can quite simply predict where you will be in 10 years time, and with the same knowledge at your finger tips, choose to change the course of your life’s direction.

It’s all a choice.

Every single little moment.

Instead of feeling trapped by what you see, feel empowered to take ownership and responsibility for the decisions that lie ahead.

Welcome to your future.


How do you feel today?


You need only check in with how you feel today on a given subject to accurately predict your future.

The emotion you feel is the product of the thoughts you have been connecting to on that subject.

If you want your life to feel fun and full of adventure, yet today you talk about how bored and uninspired you feel, you are off course.

If you want to attract a new relationship, but inside you doubt whether you’ll ever meet that person, you’re off course.

If you want to live in a life of freedom, with reserves of cash all around you, but you speak of how hard things are or you argue for the reasons why your desires cannot happen, you are off course.

Whatever the subject, the feeling that you associate with it in the present moment determines your future experience.

No exceptions.

Check in with how you feel today and you have a glimpse into tomorrow.



You are an oracle


If there’s some aspect of your life that you do not feel great about, the good news is that the future is not written in stone.

Keep in mind, you always write your future.

If you want tomorrow to look better than todayyour work is to feel better today

That’s all. It’s not complicated…



Work to create the future you want


You know what you want. You see it in your mind’s eye. You desire it yet it feels far away. To bridge that gap between here and there, take inspired steps forward. Embody how you want to feel on a moment-to-moment basis and take action in the direction you want to go. Manifesting your future isn’t all mediation, mantra and prayers. It’s moving with those desires by showing up, despite the fear. It’s making the phone call, going on the date, jumping on the plane for an unknown land, finding stillness every day.

You have to work to create the future you want.



Show Gratitude for What You Like


If it is through gratitude that we receive what we want in life, and it is through resistance that we receive what we don’t want. Acknowledge and be grateful for the conditions in your life you like and want to experience more of, you will surely reproduce those situations in your future.



Help Someone Else Achieve Their Goals


It is a universal law that what we give, we receive. By helping others to achieve what we desire, the Universe creates a vibrational match in your own life. In return, people and circumstances will appear in your life to assist you with achieving your goals without you having to go and search for them.

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