Do you constantly find yourself questioning the choices you have to make in your life? Wondering can you do it? Perhaps you’re reluctant because you are fearful of the unknown possible outcomes? Do you stop yourself taking potential risks that begin with you stepping outside your comfort zone?


Why do you keep stopping yourself?

What is the worst that can happen?

You fail? And, you have to try again?

But what happens if you succeed, and find something completely amazing?

What if you could be taking a new life journey?

What if the success is far beyond your wildest dreams?

What if you took one step forward, instead of two steps backwards?

What if you failed but you learnt some worthwhile lessons, which will enable you to do even better the next time?


Stop holding yourself back.

Yes, you are the only one truly holding YOU back.

You might be using everyone else as your excuse, but come on. It’s time to stop. It’s time to breathe and take it one step forward and at least give it a go.

Tell those you trust wholeheartedly what you want to achieve. Tell them how you feel, whether you’re scared or fearful. Tell them you need and want their support. Definitely tell them what you don’t want to hear them saying to you (no negative comments – and yes, you do need to tell them, otherwise they may unintentionally put you down), and tell them how you want to celebrate the outcome regardless of what it is….because it is truly about the journey, not necessary the result.

You have heard the phrase: ‘Feel the fear, and do it anyway’.

We ALL have something inside that stops us. Or makes us want to run the way, hide under the donna or find thousands of excuses for why we are not doing what we most desire.

No one is putting pressure you except you.

Wouldn’t you love to have the emotions, mindset and assurance of knowing that you at least gave it a go.

Think of those famous authors, athletes, designers, actors, and entrepreneurs that were told they could never do it. That they should go back to where they came from.

Did they listen?



They picked themselves up and tried again, and again.

What was their secret ingredient?

They didn’t stop believing in themselves, and they did not let their fears (or others opinions) stop them from achieving what they knew was within them.

Entrepreneurs become entrepreneurs because they continuously keep trying, regardless of the outcome. When they failed, they simply dusted themselves off, got back up and tried again, until the success they desire was achieved.

It’s so important to remember that the definition of YOUR success is what you choose it to be. What is it you want to achieve? What will give you the sense or mindset that you have succeeded at what you set out to do? It’s not always about the end results. It about how it made you feel.

You are your obstacle, you are your critic and you are your success.

You can do it. Others have, so why not you?



Of course you can. Believe in yourself, trust yourself, change your mindset to know that it’s about giving it a go, not necessarily the end results, and YOU WILL see an amazing journey unfold before you.

Now, go and make it happen.


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Anne Clark is a Business + Life Coach inspiring women to believe in who they are, to know they can do whatever their heart desires, and to never stop trying. Anne hopes to pay forward the lessons, knowledge and intuition that guides her in life, in the hope it enables women to feel empowered, inspired and guided in all they do in their lives.