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If someone asks you what yoga is, in all probability, either you’ll come up with multiple definitions or start wandering around for an authentic one. This situation, as described by many, is the beauty of yoga. The fact is, yoga is a novel of undefined knowledge. But knowledge of what? A scholar asked. The answer is that each and everything that exists on this planet can find its place in the Yogic philosophy. Over time, you might start to realize that yoga has a solution for every issue that originates in your life. Here we talk about one of those problems; adversity.

Yoga teaches us to fight

Yoga has been carrying the load of teaching people how to cope with anything that comes their way since the Vedic age. Yogic philosophy is a great supporter of combative attitude wherever needed. In fact, the advanced level of asanas are the blueprints of strength. The fact that with more intensity every practice seems easy trains us not to get back from dire circumstances but face those. According to a yogic philosopher, problems are temporary but Yoga is the truth which prevails even in scariest of situations.


Yoga helps you know yourself better

People can feel dejected when they lack the knowledge of their potentials. Yoga helps us to know our abilities in the best possible way. Traditional Yoga is like a mirror in which we watch our images (soul). The yogic mirror shows everything we have- confidence, peace, strength, intelligence, etc., and if you lack anything, the spiritual science bestows enormously. Furthermore, yoga advocates comparison with nobody but yourself. Every yoga session that you attend is a one-to-one encounter between you and the soul on the issue of how to face life’s inevitable challenges.


Yoga sources you hope

If you don’t own hope, everything you have is of little importance. Yogic philosophy believes in the power of trusting oneself. Many a time, people’s own misdeeds lead them into a complication and they start losing hope which yoga strongly dismisses. It preaches you to back yourself, irrespective of the situation you are in. Yoga wants you to trust your ability by following your strengths. A regular practitioner of yoga knows how to deal with obstacles. For he can sense the fragrance of victory even by being miles away from it.


Yoga trains you to find meaning

There are valid reasons why ancient yogis were regarded as philosophers. They have a unique ability to search for meaning in everything that comes their way. The beauty of yoga is that it has found meaning in breathing, chanting mantras, waking up, placing the body in a particular position, and so much more. These simple meanings make one better as a person. These little definitions hold enormous significance in life as these help a person realize the root of difficulties and overpower them.


Yoga believes that life is a bag of challenges and mishaps. It depends on the person who is facing these as to how he/she manages to deal with them and stands tall. Whether you are a fan of the physical form of yoga or a philosophical one, commence the journey of yoga with yoga teacher training india and no hurdle will be too high to conquer.





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