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The ‘to-do’ list – it’s a handy little thing. It keeps us on track and working towards achieving our goals. But sometimes your ‘to-do’ list can take over your life. It can become the bane of your existence, as the never-ending number of tasks stretch a mile long and you realise there just isn’t enough hours in the day to strike off every task.

Sound familiar?


As my own boss I rely heavily on my to-do list. But recently I realised that this all-important ‘list of things’ was causing unnecessary anxiety and panic.

I was over-scheduling my life and pretty much every 15 minutes was accounted for….and it wasn’t bringing me much joy!

So I decided to pare everything back and look at what works for me.

Here’s three simple steps to trim your to-do list so you can kick overwhelm to the curb, be more productive and insert more joy into each day.


Prioritise and Pick Your MIT’s

Let’s face it; our ‘to-do’ list is a brain dump. We list out absolutely everything we think we must get done. So no wonder when an extensive list is staring us down we feel anxious and we fall into panic mode.

This is where your ‘Most Important Tasks’ or your ‘MIT’s’ come in. Take a look at your list and select your three MIT’s. What items on your to-do list are going to help you achieve your life, business, career goals and really propel you forward?

Just focus on three main tasks each day and watch your productivity soar and your overwhelm subside.


Tap into how you feel

This step is frequently overlooked but is so important. When you sit down each morning and you’ve selected your three MIT’s, check in with how you’re feeling.

Are you feeling creative, excited and keen to connect with others? Or are your energy levels a bit low and you’re keen to work on less intensive projects?

How you feel has a significant affect on your productivity. If you’re not vibing with a task and you’re forcing yourself to take action, you’re more likely to procrastinate and less likely to finish the project.

Take the time to honour how you’re feeling each day before you tackle your to-do list. Select items off your to-do list that match your emotions.


Insert Joy Into Your Day

We get so wrapped up in the notion of ‘doing,’ and being productive that we forget to have fun and enjoy ourselves along the way!

In addition to listing down your three MIT’s also add at least one joyful activity that you can experience during your day.

It doesn’t have to be anything fancy!  You could eat your lunch outside, schedule in an afternoon call with your girlfriend, work from your favourite coffee shop or do a 15 minute meditation before the kids come home.

But you must make this step a non-negotiable!

Often when we‘re overwhelmed and in crazy ‘work mode’ our self-care and self-love practices go out the window.

It’s so important to have something to look forward to each day, big or small, to help boost our mood and productivity.



Bonus Step – Celebrate Yourself

At the end of the day how often do you think, Shoot! I still didn’t get XYZ done?”

Instead of being critical, take time out at the end of the day to list down all the things you achieved in both business and life. You will be surprised at how much you accomplished. End your day on a high by celebrating your success!

And if you didn’t achieve all that you’d hoped, cut yourself some slack girlfriend! Tomorrow is a new day.


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