There are thousands of women out there sharing authentic, awesome content on social media that educates, motives and uplifts.

Movers and shakers who strike a chord with us on a daily basis with posts on everything from real food, self love, intuitive living and behind-the-scenes snapshots of getting creative and doing biz.

Here at The Daily Guru, we thrive on having so much inspiration at our fingertips — especially when it comes to all things wellness, personal growth and professional development.


Today we’re sharing just 5 of the Instagram accounts we’ve been crushing on this month — and we’d just love if you could add your own favourites to the list in the comments below!



The extraordinarily talented Rachel Urquhart, illustrator, wonder seeker and collector, has us oohing and ahhing most days of the week with her intricate and colourful designs. From rainbow cacti to intrepid forests you just want to step into and run wild and free, to her signature drawing of a bold, soaring eagle that finds its way to her art every so often.

This chick tells mystical stories and invites you in. In her words:

“At the same that we are earnest to explore and learn all thing, we require that all things be mysterious and unexplorable…”



Bianca Cash, creator from Melbourne, screams cute! Pastel colours, small font and little designs of antique phones (the kind your grandma owned), picnic lunches and a bewildered looking pear will have you liking, sharing and tagging your besties. Her stationary collection is every bit as quirky too. She’s also an advocate of the important dates like National Doughnut Day, National Dog Day, International Women’s Day and is inclined to suggest pizza every other day.

Humorous, down-to-earth and one hell of a creative this one.



This photographer and drifter captures the intricate via the lens. Freckled faces, birds-eye-view of watering holes and sassy goddesses owning their femininity. A simple scroll will inspire you to whip out your SLR (or polaroid) and go on an adventure in search of the little moments, which really are, the big moments. As Katherine says, “Dreaming is free.” This woman captures dreams and her feed shares them with you.



You’ve procrastinated about it at some time or another. Whisking yourself away, somewhere far away, to set up home in a cabin in the woods, by the sea or perched on a mountaintop. Cabin Love is the home of cabin candy. The wooden triangular kind among massive red pines, or the beach shack with hammock and obligatory BBQ, or the teeny tiny, cosy square metre box that is big enough for just you next to a misty lake. It doesn’t matter. Where there is a cabin, there is quiet and there is you.

As they say:

“When you get lost, they say it’s best to stay still. So here we are, perched exactly where you’d forgotten.”



Is that your tummy talking? Doesn’t surprise us! Paola’s feed has that affect. From soft pretzels to thyme scones stuffed with camembert and cranberry compote to stir fried ramen with hoisin pork belly – the variety is endless. Paola is super generous with her suggestions, recommends cooking with seasonal produce and prioritises fun in her hometown of Amsterdam. With a little imagination, you too can see yourself cruising down the canals, sucking on a glorious ice cream


Tell us, which Instagram feeds have you been crushing on lately? Share with us in the comments below!

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