Building a life you love – by taking ACTION


Now that you have identified what your amazing life will look like (through yesterday’s Flourishing article on Vision Planning), now we need to tackle the steps of actually making it happen. Turn this vision into reality by following our seven steps!


Taking Action



With an incredible vision board mapped out in front of you – identifying all of your life dreams and ambitions – now you need to start reading everything you can about your passion or passions. Look at how other people have translated their passion into a career. Make notes about anything that you can learn from their experiences.


Find a mentor.

The best way to learn something is to find someone who has already done it (well!) and learn his or her strategy. Identify your mentor and then connect with them.


Make the first move.

We recognise that taking the first real step toward your dream is scary. But if you don’t do it you will never start and therefore you will never achieve your vision. It might be signing up for a course, taking out a loan, volunteering, or buying an instrument. This is the first action that says to you, “I’m committed to changing my life.” You may not feel 100% sure that your first step is the right step, but you have to take it to find out. So set a date and take it.


Keep your eyes on the Prize.

It is very natural when moving from something safe and secure into the unknown to feel fear and lose motivation at times. Stay on top of that by keeping your vision board in sight, allowing it to act as a continuous reminder of why you are doing what you are doing!  That way, when motivation slips you have a fantastic resource at the ready to help you get back on your horse!


Expect the unexpected.

We are all about positive thinking but when setbacks happen it’s important to be prepared for them, so be flexible and prepare for obstacles. Your new path isn’t linear, therefore you will have bumps in the road. So don’t be disheartened if/when they happen.  Adapt and move on!


Take daily action.

Thinking, planning and pontificating only go so far. Daily, focussed action is the ONLY thing that will move you forward. If you don’t know what to do, just do something.


Enjoy yourself! 

As they say – travelling is all about the journey, not the destination – so no matter where you are in your own journey…make sure you’re enjoying it!!

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