I go berserk for creativity and productivity-boosting practices.

There’s nothing more satisfying to me than getting more done in a better way — in less time.

More time for eating chocolate, is what I am all about.


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Here are three of my favourite hacks:


Screen-Shot-2014-08-22-at-9.08.10-PMBeautiful spaces



Fresh flowers, low music, natural lighting, gargling dish washer.

Lately, I have been incredibly aware of how my physical environment impacts my flow. I got up many mornings before with my list of priorities in front of me, wanting to get banging on the biggest task at hand but feeling distracted by the household chores that I have been slipping through my to do lists.

There was one voice inside of me telling me I should just ignore it and focus on my action steps.

There is incredible value in getting the things done first that drive your life forward the most — we don’t want to spend all of our energy on aligning the small, insignificant things just to feel some validation from having been busy.

But when our physcial environment is all scattered, it also misdirects our energy. Lack of flow in our home sucks parts of our energy —the very energy we have been meaning to use for our world-changing action that day.

Beauty is nourishing and replenishes our creative juices. Sometimes it takes only 30 minutes to straighten out my home and it makes all the difference.

I even feel like I am celebrating my work hours by making sure they are supported by beauty and ease in my home.


Screen-Shot-2014-08-22-at-9.08.20-PMPriorities, priorities, priorities




There is no easier gratification for our brains than to write and complete a to do list full of items such as, “Shower, print PDF, respond to email” and the like.

I have been guilty of that for years — plowing through to do lists, feeling incredibly busy, but never really getting anything significant done.

The antidote of that was to declare my priorities and organise my work differently so I get started on the most significant action first.

All of the small stuff, I either do last or let it go all together. Sometimes it doesn’t make any difference at all whether or not I respond to my emails on time and I just cross that off my to do list.

So, what are the top three priorities in a project you are working on? What are the three things that are going to drive that project forward the most?

Work on only these three things today and don’t do any small tasks until you are done.

I usually get started on these after I have made sure my desk and office looks nice.






Taking any kind of action that gets you one step closer to your vision is worthy of celebration.

Think about it. If you keep doing things that don’t make you feel good or don’t provide any significant emotional gratification, sooner or later, you’ll lose interest and get sloppy.

In the same way, if we celebrate every accomplishment and make our work hours incredibly fun, our brain links party emotions to that and we are going to want to show up over and over and over again.



Tony Robbins was once asked, “What makes people happy?”

His answer, was “Progress.”

Isn’t that spot on? Feeling in a state of flow comes from being at ease and feeling like you are moving ahead and evolving.

Celebration is a great way of recording every step forward and is the best motivator I know so far.


So, for every accomplishment, treat yourself to a dance party, a fancy dinner, one episode of your favourite series, a new pair of panties or whatever else floats your boat.

You can also smile to yourself and be thankful and proud that you are taking massive action towards your dreams.

No matter how you celebrate, do it — you deserve it!


How are you going to amplify your productivity this week? We really want to know, so be sure to share in the comments section below!

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