In case you hadn’t noticed, it’s October! What’s your intention for the month? How do you want to feel?

Let’s make it a month of stepping up, stepping out and being bold — cutting loose our warm and cosy safety net. Let’s say yes to things that stretch us, test us and make us feel vulnerable.

Remember what Neale Donald Walsch said? “Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.”


So consider our sixThings To Do below — whether it’s in your biz or personal life, what is going to test your courage this October?


Put your work out into the universe

Got a blog post, vlog, product or creation you’ve been keeping close to your chest?

Have you been procrastinating on a launch date because it isn’t perfect, you’re worried about feedback and negative comments or that it just won’t fly?

Take a deep breath and click the button. Just do it — get it out there.


Aim higher than high

Set a seemingly “impossible” stretch goal that will require you to apply laser-sharp focus and discipline.

Like running a marathon or starting up that business venture.

Are your palms sweating, yet? Don’t be overwhelmed — and never underestimate yourself. Hold on to that goal and imagine what it will look like and how it will feel when you achieve it.

Now, break that scary-as-hell stretch goal down into not-so-intimidating, smaller goals that are specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and time bound.  Form a concrete plan made up of inspired action steps to make that stretch goal a reality.

And now, ask yourself: “What progress can I make in the next day, week and month?”

Go do it.


Get out of your ‘interest’ zone

We tend to stick with what we already know we enjoy, are good at, makes us feel comfortable or suits us. Like, romantic comedies. Or strawberry ice cream. Or red lipstick.

This month — turn your back on your ‘genre’ of choice and get a taste for something new. Read a book from a section of the book store you’ve always avoided. Choose that hard-to-pronounce dish off the menu.

If yoga’s your thing, try a boxing class. Sign up to a hobby or class you have very little ability to do.


Get your heart racing

The occasional adrenaline rush gets your senses sharpened and reminds you you’re alive.

So, sign up for something this month that will give you a rush. If bungee jumping, mountain biking or swimming with sharks is what it will take to do that, then go do that.

But consider other things that fear, pride or discomfort have previously held you back: public speaking, a difficult conversation, traveling solo, saying sorry and starting fresh.


Say yes

Live in the affirmative and unleash the transformative power of ‘yes’ by giving a big “hell yeah!” to every single opportunity that presents itself this month: big or small.

From blocks of dark chocolate and good wine to job offers, social situations and favours, open yourself up to opportunity and the chance to both give and receive — and let life have its way with you.


Up-level your personal growth

Yeah, we said we had five things for you to try this month, but we decided to through in a bonus. If there’s one way to stretch, grow and expand your mind, body and soul, it’s through personal development. And since that’s our favourite topic here at The Daily Guru, we’re going to point you to the recently launched DG Industry Event Calendar. It’s the first and only of its kind, and allows you access to all of the self-improvement and wellness events, workshops, retreats, conferences, webinars, online programs and festivals happening around Australia. Head over here and find out what’s happening in your area!



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