It’s November! You’re probably feeling the feels too. Ecstatic summer is almost here but equally dumbfounded that 2016 is coming to a quick close. We feel you.

Let’s make the most of the year remaining and try, play and commit to being outrageously open to what’s in store.


Because as the sensational Tosha Silver, writer and intuitive reader says: “Because you see, what’s meant for you will always, always find you.”

Here’s 5 ways to trust the process and follow the cues, which are always rallying for your highest good.

Let’s make November one radical month!


Do what feels right, even if it seems completely crazy and non-logical

You’ve been approached with an opportunity, asked to venture somewhere or are playing with a potential business idea that’s steeped in risk but makes your body tingle all over with excitement. Take the time to distinguish the voices. The voice of your head and the voice of your heart. Do what you need to get clear and tap into that good feeling. Meditate, find stillness on the mat, take that drive down the coast, journal, or speak to a close friend who has your best dreams at heart. Then offer the solution to something higher than you. Maybe you call it the Universe, God, Shakti or Divine Order. Regardless, offer it over and ask for the guidance. You’ll be shown.


Be the teacher you’ve always seeked

We learn best when we are able to teach it to others. You know so much and others could really benefit from your knowledge and skills in their life. Take on the challenge this month and show up as a teacher in your family’s, friends’ and colleagues’ life. Teach from the experiences you have had and the lessons you have learnt through the conversations you have had, online in groups or forums, or more formally through coaching and workshops.


Create and get messy

Crayons, paints and cardboard at the ready. Or maybe creativity looks like a blank hosting space, html coding and some wicked designs. Or maybe getting messy looks like your old overalls, a paint brush in hand and the gate to your back yard that’s been dying for a new coat.


Embrace the foreign

Learn 10 new words of an exotic language you’ve always wanted to speak. Research and find a cuisine you haven’t tried before. Attend a fitness class or better yet, a no lights, no lycra class!


Facilitate your growth

Being outrageously open does not mean inaction. It means following the cues and enhancing your growth so you are well equipped for what Divine Order has lined up for you. Why not start with our Sunday Soul Sister Sessions, The Collective’s Kick Start program in Melbourne, Bondi Beach Weekend Retreat, and Want to Become a Life Coach.




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