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It’s cold and dark by 5pm and you’re thinking, “Winter’s a bi*ch”. Before you write winter off entirely, here are 5 things you can do this July to occupy your time meaningfully, make the most of the cooler days and have a lot of fun (that’s the whole point, isn’t it?!).


Nature Watching

If you’re in Australia, you may catch the tale end of the whale watching season. During winter, these magnificent creates migrate north on a quest to breed up in the Arctic. Book a tour to see them breach and splash.

Alternatively, go bird watching. This time of year, the kookaburras, cockatoos and parrots are exquisite to gaze at as they fly from tree to tree and sing their song. If you’re in the city, get out in the country for the day or weekend. Sunrise and sunset is when you will hear them heralding the start and close of the day. Who needs an alarm clock?


Engage in a daily ritual

Just for the month. Read a poem every night before bed. Walk around the block twice at noon. Try a different herbal tea each morning. Rituals keep us human and consistency is comforting.


Book a trip!

Where have you always wanted to go? If you’re looking for a quick tropical getaway to break the cool, look out for specials to Asia. Bali, Thailand, Laos, the Philippines sounds mighty lovely right about now, don’t they?


Picnic in your lounge room

If it’s glum out, load up the fireplace (if you are lucky to have one!) and get all toasty and warm on your lounge room floor. Who said you can’t have a picnic if it’s raining? Create a beautiful and inviting space with pillows, candles and blankets for your mates to come over and enjoy a delish picnic on your lounge room floor (careful not to spill the red wine!)



Learn and connect

 As Brene Brown says, “Connection is why we are here. We are hardwired to connect with others, it’s what gives purpose and meaning to our lives…” If you’re looking for inspiring conversations and meet ups, we’ve scouted some of the best gurus around to share with you their upcoming workshops, talks and courses here.

Winter is a charmer. You just need to muster a little more creativity, open your eyes a little wider and invite in the softness and slowness of the season.



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