Oh, the opportunities the first day of the month brings with it.


A fresh start — a clean slate ‘n all.

We’ve had nine opportunities so far this year to tidy up our mindset, kick any unhelpful habits, incorporate nourishing habits and rituals and recalibrate or revise our ‘gotta-dos’ and ‘wanna-dos’ in order to make the most of our days.


October is no different — we’ve jotted down another five things you might want to consider adding to your monthly planner to really step things up a notch!


Tackle those limiting beliefs

 From time to time, fear steps in — and freaks us the hell out. We doubt what we’re doing or why we’re doing, pull back a little…and stop showing up.

Truth is, that pesky little intruder will always rear its head from time to time, but make it your mission this month to actually stop it in its tracks for once.

Pay attention and notice when a limiting belief appears, acknowledge it, accept it and commit to moving past it.


Get involved

How do you plan to connect with yourself — and others this month?

How do you plan to expand your mind and fuel your personal growth?

From Kylie Anderson’s Unlock Your Inner Wellness Goddess Event, to Igniting Your Spirit with Doctors Fiona Enkelmann and Nathalie Martinek, we’ve got a long list of powerful events, courses and workshops that might just be happening in your neighbourhood, this month!


The second installment of our live TALKS by The Daily Guru, which will feature expert investor and wealth strategist for savvy ‘femtrepreneurs’, Barbara Turley, of Energise Wealth is also locked in for October too.


Head over here, for more information about all these personal growth events and courses!


Revise your goals

 We’re in October — the last quarter of the year — which also means there’s less than 100 days of 2015 to go. How close are you to kicking all the goals and honouring the intentions you set for yourself at the start of the year?

Take a quiet moment to check in with yourself. Celebrate how far you’ve come and get real about how far you still might have to go. Devise a plan that’s full of inspired action to help get you where you want to be in three months’ time.


Explore your inner child

Benjamin Franklin once said, “We do not stop playing because we grow old. We grow old because we stop playing.” 


So heed his words amidst the responsibilities and ‘adultness’ of adulthood and remember it’s important to remember to play, have fun and honour your inner child.

Ask your inner child, “How do you feel and what do you want?” and then get stuck in to doing something that celebrates your more playful side.
Ditch your to-do list for the afternoon and explore the unexplored. Day dream. Colour in. Make a mess. Dance.

Express yourself freely.
Eat, play, sleep.



 Been a little caught up in the online world lately? You’re not alone.

They might be essential tools for doing biz — and life — but smart phones and lap tops can straight up suck you in to the point where switching off and living in the here and now loses out to endless emails, Instagram and Facebook feeds.


So put turn ‘em off and put ‘em down —if only for a weekend or at least a few hours — look up and around you and be here now.


Do you feel like you need to really implement at least one of these activities this month? Share with us in the comments below!

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