October is the month of Halloween and so, we’ve created an epic list of fun, mysterious and spooky things to do in the lead up to this awesome holiday. Prepare yourself for an October you’ll never forget!


From throwing a creepy cocktail party to playing an epic game of Cluedo, it’s time to get into the spirit of Halloween and have a whole lot of fun at the same time. Check out our top 10 activities for October below and be sure to let us know in the comments which one is your favorite!


Activity 1: Throw a creepy cocktail party

Ready for a fun and creepy night with some friends? Host a Halloween party (costumes mandatory, of course!) and make some special cocktails to match the scary theme. Try this recipe for Walker Blood Sangria (inspired by the television show, The Walking Dead), The Grave Digger Cocktail, or the Vampire Cocktail (featuring a syringe filled with sweetened raspberry puree for an extra gory look!).


Activity 2: Carve a pumpkin

Get a little creative and carve a pumpkin for Halloween. If you’ve never carved a pumpkin before, you can find some simple instructions here. And for creative, spooky and fun Halloween pumpkin carving ideas, head over here! Be sure to put your pumpkin on display where it will be appreciated and share a photo on Instagram of your creation (tag us @thedailyguru so we can see, too!).


Activity 3: Go thrift shopping for a Halloween costume

Head out to your closest thrift store and find some clothes you can repurpose into a Halloween costume! You could cut a dress into shreds, draw blood on a white t-shirt or get even more creative. For example, find some black pants and a striped t-shirt to create a jailbird costume. Of, find some black clothes and paint a skeleton!


Activity 4: Organise a scary movie night

Ready for a fun fright night with some friends? Get plenty of popcorn and a couple of scary movies, invite your friends around and enjoy! A few scary movies you might like to try include The Conjuring, It, The Orphan, Get Out, The Descent, or The Shining. These movies will be sure to get you in the mood for a scary Halloween!


Activity 5: Go on a ghost tour

Jump on Google and find a nearby ghost tour you can attend for a spooky (and interesting!) night. Most cities have some kind of ghost tour, jail tour or another type of spooky tour which would be great to attend during the month of October.


Activity 6: Invite some friends over for a game of Cluedo

Cluedo is a classic board game which involves 6 suspects and 1 murder. Figure out the culprit and enjoy some creepy cocktails (see activity 1) while you’re at it! Keep in mind, Cluedo usually works best with 4-6 players.


Activity 7: Listen to a frightening podcast

Tune into true crime podcasts, like Serial, Criminal, Someone Knows Something and Unsolved Murders. Some fictional creepy podcasts to check out include The Black Tapes, NoSleep Podcast, Lore, Alice Isn’t Dead and Small Town Horror.


Activity 8: Bake a scary cake

Take your pick from our favorite Halloween cake recipes below and bake a seriously delicious (and scary!) treat.


Chocolate Chip Mummy Cake

Halloween Candy Cake

Spider-web Cake

Bloody White Cake

Midnight Pumpkin Layer Cake


Activity 9: Decorate your home with Halloween inspired decorations

Did someone say cobwebs, scary pumpkins and skeletons? That’s right, it’s time to decorate your home with some scary decorations. Alternatively, you can experiment by incorporating some Halloween colours (think black, red and orange) throughout your home décor. Head over here to find everything you might need to inspire you to create your own Halloween home.


Activity 10: Read a horror novel by Stephen King

Head to the library and head straight to the Stephen King section to find yourself a terrific horror novel. Regarded as one of the best horror writers of all time (some call him the “King of Horror”) and with more than 58 published novels to his name, you’ll be sure to find something to give you a good scare!


Wishing you a fantastic October and a wonderful Halloween from everyone at DG.

P.S Don’t forget to let us know your favorite activity in the comments below!




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