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June is a big one for us at The Daily Guru. It’s our fourth birthday! Hooray! Shining a big, bright light on the incredible wellness and wellbeing industry drives us now even more than it did four years ago. It’s only up from here & our best is yet to come!

Let’s refocus and circle back to our goals to create an amazing next six months, together.


Have no plans

As tricky as it is in our highly connected and busy lives, assign a day (and if you can, two or three) this month where you have no to-do list. No plans. No commitments. What you do is based purely on what you feel like doing.

Do something completely different

Out of your comfort zone even. Go to a silent disco, try knitting, have a whirl at public speaking, write a hand written letter to you nearest and dearest and tell them what they mean to you, sign up for a fun run. Be curious and enjoy the new experience.

Revisit your intention for 2018

Maybe you call it an intention, maybe it’s your new years resolution or your vision board. Revisit what you set out six months and reassess if your aims and goals are the same. Have they changed or shifted slightly? Of so, re-write them! They’re not set in stone, or is your growth and evolution. Redefine and go with the flow!

Learn, always

Grab a pen and paper, and join an eCourse that digs into a topic you have always wanted to know more about. Further your knowledge, continue your education, become an expert at something, even if that something is baking, or doing your own makeup, or hey; start studying quantum physics! You’re here reading this, so we don’t have to tell you how to nurture that beautiful mind of yours!


This month and the over the course of the next six months, set yourself a reading challenge. Maybe it’s one book a month; maybe it’s a book a week. Rug up and enjoy the beautiful written word. Here are some classic game-changing suggestions that include some of our favorite books you can revisit and love over and over.

Don’t hold back because it’s not January 1st of the new year, June 1st doesn’t mean that you don’t deserve or won’t benefit from a fresh start! Download our monthly planner to map our your month & try something new with us. 


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  1. deseree on 2 . 06 . 2016 at 6:20 pm

    Hi there just wanted to say i love reading your e mails.I have never liked winter but following the daily guru for the past year has been fantastic for me,you have taught me to try and embrace winter and not let it get me down so thank you you keep me motivated through the not so nice weather.Much love deseree

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