Hello, July – we have a feeling you’re going to be fun! We’ve collected an exciting variety of creative, physical, romantic and financial things for you to try this July. If you’re feeling up to the challenge, why not try them all?!

Creative Things to Try

-Make your own bath bombs

Who doesn’t love a beautiful, aromatic and colourful bath bomb? The only downside is they can be quite expensive to buy, especially if you use them in the bath regularly. But did you know that bath bombs are actually super cheap to make (and quite easy!)? There are plenty of recipes online, so find one which sounds good for you and give it a try.

-Take photos of a beautiful landscape

Go on an adventure to a beautiful place, such as a lavender field, a rainforest, the coast, a lake or riverine, a mountainous area, or a botanical garden. Make sure you take a camera (or your phone) with you so you can take some photos! 

-Use a mindful colouring app

Mindful colouring can be a fun, creative and calming activity to do and using a mindful colouring app is a super convenient (and cheap!) way to give it a try. Search your app store and find an app which resonates with you. As you colour, pay attention to the different colours and textures and feel free to get creative with your colour choices.

Physical Things to Try

-Do some gentle stretches in bed

Hop into some comfortable pyjamas and climb into bed, ready to do some gentle and relaxing stretches. A few great stretches to do include reclined butterfly, forward fold, legs up the wall, child’s pose, or you can hold your knees against your chest and roll from side to side to stretch out your lower back. Alternatively, you could find a bedtime yin yoga class online or via a podcast to try out.

-Go for a hike

If you haven’t done much hiking before, be sure to start with a smaller hike and go with a friend (or use a popular trail). You can find plenty of walking and hiking guides online for ideas about where to go! Wear comfortable clothing for hiking, drink plenty of water and protect your skin with lots of sunscreen.

-Attend a laughing yoga class

Laughter yoga is a fun way to experience psychological and physiological benefits, whilst connecting with other people and having a good time. It might feel a little strange at first, but just keep your mind open and allow yourself to let go. You’ll be laughing in no time!

Romantic Things to Try

-Recreate your first date

Sit down with your partner and recall as many things from your first date as you can both remember. Then, do your best to recreate it! Go back to the same places, wear the same (or similar) clothes, do the same activities and most importantly, treat each other with all the excitement and enthusiasm you would have felt on the first date.

-Go on a chocolate tasting adventure

Have a quick look on Google and find few different chocolate locations to visit together. As you visit each place, try to seek out unique and interesting flavours to try. To make the experience even more romantic, you can feed each other pieces of chocolate!

-Camp out in the living room

Carry your mattress out to the living room, perhaps even build yourselves a fort, then spend the night watching movies, eating popcorn or ice-cream, snuggling and having a fun time camping out together.

Financial Things to Try

-Use an app to budget better

Are you finding it difficult to stick to your budget and build your savings account? Download one of the many budgeting apps available and use it to keep better track of your spending habits. Identify any areas you could improve upon and analyse the outcome of your saving efforts at the end of each month. 

-Terminate memberships you don’t really use

If you’re paying a monthly membership for services you don’t even use, then it’s time to terminate them. Are you signed up to Netflix, Stan and Foxtel, but you don’t even watch that much television? Choose the one you’re most likely to use and end your memberships with the rest. Subscribed to a few different apps which charge you monthly? Again, select your favourites and delete the rest. Paying an expensive monthly fee at the gym but only going to one or two classes? Maybe, you could find a boot-camp which only charges you for the classes you attend.

-Buy your groceries at a Farmer’s Market

Show your support for local producers at a Farmer’s Market and you might even save some money! Be sure to take some carry bags, cash (in case there aren’t Eftpos facilities) and your own containers or jars to go plastic-free.

Do you have any other suggestions for creative, physical, romantic, or financial things to try? We’d love to hear your ideas in the comments below!




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