Wondering what to do this August? We’re here to help! We’ve collected a fun, meaningful and interesting list of activities starting with the letter “A” to help you celebrate the month of August!



Plan a fun adventure for yourself and a friend, perhaps going somewhere you haven’t been to before! You could go on a wine-tasting experience, hike to a waterfall, go on a road trip, visit a theme park, or head to a new café together.

Looking for even more adventure? Find a cheap flight and accommodation package online and visit a new country!


Go camping and try some basic astronomy by identifying different constellations. You might like to take a star chart and a pair of binoculars, too.

Adopt a pet

Been thinking about adopting a pet? This is your month to actually do it! Adopting an animal and giving them a home where they will be loved, appreciated and cared for can be such a rewarding thing to do. First, do some research to find out which kind of pet would suit your home and lifestyle the best, then head down to your local animal shelter to find out more.


Set aside some time to get your creative hat on and make art! You could do mindful colouring, try calligraphy, use watercolours, make a vision board, draw a portrait, create a scrapbook, or anything else you might like!

Otherwise, you can visit an art gallery and wander around, looking at all the art made by other people.


Have you been forgetting to stand up for yourself or neglecting your wants and needs? It’s time to be more assertive by calmly, clearly and honestly expressing yourself. Remember that it’s ok to say no if you want to and that you’re allowed to have your own opinions!

Aqua Aerobics

Sign up for an aqua aerobics class at your local pool, or learn a few exercises you can try yourself. Aqua aerobics is a gentle way to move your body and it can be a fun experience to try with a friend, too!

Admire the sunrise

At least once this month, set your alarm and hop out of bed early so you can watch the sunrise. Watching the sunrise can help improve your mood, decrease stress and cultivate gratitude, making it an awesome (and free!) activity to try.


Aromatherapy is the use of aromatic plant oils to help improve wellbeing. You might like to speak to a qualified aromatherapist for some guidance, otherwise, you could try one of the tips below!
-Buy a massage oil infused with lavender and give yourself a hand or foot massage
-Use a diffuser to release a subtle scent in your favourite room
-Add a few drops of your favourite essential oil to a warm bath


Are you yet to take responsibility for a mistake you’ve made? Clear your conscience by owning up and apologizing.


Experiment with taking photos of the night sky. For the best results, find somewhere away from the city and light pollution, use a good quality camera and follow an online tutorial created by a professional astrophotographer. If you share your photos on social media, be sure to tag @thedailyguru so we can see!

Achieve a goal

Set yourself a meaningful goal for the month and do your best to achieve it! You might find it helpful to break a big goal down into smaller steps, set reminders so you’ll remember to work towards your goal and choose a lovely reward to give yourself at the end.

Attend a Farmers’ Market

Support your local farmers, bakers and brewers by attending a Farmer’s Market! You can obtain fresh and organic fruits and vegetables, bread, beer, jams, honey and sweet treats (and more!) for a great price. Don’t forget to take a few re-useable bags and cash.

Abstain from alcohol

Didn’t quite make it through “dry July”? Have another go in August and see if you can abstain from alcohol during the week.


Acupuncture is a type of Traditional Chinese Medicine which involves a qualified practitioner inserting fine needles into your body at specific points which are considered to be lines of energy (meridians). Potential benefits of acupuncture can include pain relief, decreased stress and better wellbeing. If you haven’t tried acupuncture before, you might like to check with your doctor first.

Appreciate a loved one

Tell a loved one why you’re grateful for them. You could also buy them a sweet gift to show them you were thinking of them!


Head to an archery range with a friend and challenge them to a few rounds of archery. Some of the benefits of archery can include improved mental focus, more upper-body strength and better coordination.


Use some simple affirmations to encourage and uplift yourself. A few examples of affirmations include:
-I am enough
-I am becoming more resilient every day
-I am courageous
-I am creating a meaningful and purposeful life for myself

Wishing you a wonderful month!






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