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No matter where you are in the world, September is the start of a new season and a wonderful time to try new things! In this fun article, you’ll discover awesome activities to help you kick off spring or autumnin fun and meaningful ways.

Simply find the season you’re heading into, select your 4 favourite activities (1 per week) and schedule them into your planner!




Eat breakfast in bed

Autumn is a great time to start slowing down in preparation for winter and a wonderful way to celebrate this is to make yourself a delicious breakfast, take it back to bed, snuggle in and enjoy! Don’t forget a warm cup of tea or coffee.


Create an autumn playlist

Make a playlist of all the songs which remind you of autumn. Some of our favourites include Autumn by Paolo Nutini, Autumn Leaves by Eva Cassidy, Leaves That Are Green by Simon and Garfunkel and Autumn Leaves by Ed Sheeran.


Take flat-lay photos with colourful leaves

With an abundance of beautiful leaves starting to fall, give them a second life by using them in a photograph. You can get inspired by flat-lay photos here,hereand here.


Light a candle which smells like Autumn

Head down to your favourite candle store and buy a candle which reminds you of autumn. Take it home, light it and enjoy the smell of autumn in your home.


Bake an apple pie

Go to an apple farm and pick your own apples, then bake them into a delicious apple pie for the ultimate autumn indulgence. Or, if you’re feeling a little bit fancy, you might enjoy these Salted Caramel Apple Galettes!


Plan a holiday for winter

Those winter blues can kick in fast, so why not plan a holiday now that you can look forward to when the weather turns? Organise leave from work, sign up to receive cheap holiday offers and book yourself a fun trip.


Go camping

Make the last of the warm weather by going on a weekend camping getaway! Don’t forget to pack marshmallows to toast over a crackling fire.


Rake leaves

Raking leaves may not be the most exciting activity, but for many of us, it’s just a necessary part of autumn! Try to rake the leaves mindfully by noticing all the different colours, listening to them rustling and smelling the fragrance of the wet leaves.


Swap your wardrobe

Start to prepare for the cooler weather by swapping your wardrobe around. Make it easy to access your jackets, scarves, pants and woollen socks. If you have limited space, you could start storing your dresses, shirts and shorts away (but leave a couple, just in case!).


Make ginger-flavoured kombucha

With the cold season ahead, it can be a great idea to start a home-made batch of kombucha to help maintain your health! Give your immune system a boost by adding ginger to the final part of the fermentation process. For a simple recipe, click here.





Volunteer at a wildlife shelter

With wildlife becoming particularly active after winter, there are often more accidents which cause animals to end up in wildlife shelters. Relieve the pressure from the people who run these wildlife shelters by volunteering your time (plus, you’ll likely see some sweet babies!).


Make a flower crown

Get creative with all the beautiful, fresh flowers of spring and make yourself a flower crown. You can find some helpful instructions here.


Go strawberry-picking

Strawberries are in season in spring, which makes it the perfect time to go strawberry picking! Go on an adventure to a strawberry farm, pick strawberries to your heart’s delight, enjoy and freeze the rest to make tasty summer smoothies.


Do some spring cleaning

Time to clean the house after its winter hibernation! Open the windows, dust the shelves, vacuum and declutter (with fun music playing, of course!).


Visit a cherry blossom farm

At this time of year, cherry trees start to blossom and they are absolutely gorgeous. Gather a group of friends and head out to a cherry blossom farm to enjoy all the prettiness.


Feed ducks in a pond

Gather some stale bread and head out to a pond to feed the ducks (and keep your eye out for cute, little ducklings!).


Spend time outdoors

After a few months of being cooped up inside, head outdoors for some fresh air. Go hiking, stand up paddle-boarding, rock-climbing, jogging, kayaking, or cycling.


Go to a food festival

With so many fruits and vegetables coming into season, spring is often a great time of the year to attend food festivals. Otherwise, keep an eye out for your local Farmers’ Market to buy yourself some delicious, fresh food!


Organise a picnic

Head down to the park with a blanket and a picnic basket filled with all your favourite picnic items: cheese, bread, olives, grapes, strawberries or anything else you might like! Take a book or arrange to meet a friend (or a date) for some quality time together.


Visit a botanical garden

Botanical gardens are often stunning in springtime and you’ll likely see some beautiful plants and flowers! Be sure to take a camera and snap away, or wander around and just appreciate the gorgeous space.


Wishing you a wonderful September from all of us here at DG!

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