We humans are really funny creatures.

We get these really amazing ideas that could change the world, change someone’s life, or even change our own life.

But often times our ego, pride or fear stops us from moving forward with it.

Consequently, we instead hold onto these ideas, thinking that the tighter we hold them, the more secure and safe they are from being stolen.


However, ideas are like low hanging fruit. If you don’t pick the fruit as soon as it’s ready and ripe, then someone else will come along and pick it. If you choose to stay stuck in your life or to give into fear (whether that be in your job/career, your love life, your health) instead of jumping into the unknown and following your passion, or taking action on your concept, then that fabulous idea you have may just move onto the next person.


I’ve come to strongly believe that our ideas are living things; that they have a consciousness and want to be expressed.

If you choose not to express them, then they’ll move on to a willing partner.

I had been writing my blog for about a year, when I realised that there were a number of times that the most brilliant and eloquent words would come to me at the most inopportune times – when I was driving, sleeping or in the shower.

Often they would sound so beautiful, inspiring and mature that I would let them rattle around in my brain for a little while, leisurely enjoying the beauty of them.

Each and every time I would assure myself that this time I would be able to remember the words that had come to me. After all, how is it possible to forget something so beautiful or something that moved you on a soul level?

It would be like completely forgetting your first kiss or the first time you fell in love, it just couldn’t be possible!

Yet each and every time I finally made time to sit down and write the article, the words would be gone. I would have a vague memory of the topic (if I was lucky!), but the words simply would not flow.

They didn’t belong to me and they were no longer mine to share.


Then I listened to Elizabeth Gibert’s Ted Talk on creativity. In fact, I was so intrigued by it, I listened to it twice and I realised the creative process she spoke about was the very same process I needed to adopt. As soon as the words came, I needed to find someway to document them, give birth to them as my mentor would say, before they left me. Even now, I’m lying in bed writing the first draft of this article on my phone because the words were dancing around in my dreams.

   BK12Sometimes I’ve been lucky and the words have come back to me. Two years ago, I was driving and taking in the beach surroundings of St Kilda in Melbourne when the most powerful words about feminism and standing in your feminine power came to me. I actually knew these words couldn’t possibly belong to me, because being feminine, at that time, was a foreign concept. And like so many times before, when I finally sat down to write, the idea had moved on. Sometimes I feel as though the words dance and play in my head until the second I sit down to write them, and then they run off. However, it’s likely they spent too much time playing and had become bored and gone for a nap! I was devastated to have lost such a moving piece, so instead I wrote about overcoming fear.

Fast forward two years and the words came back to me, this time in my sleep. But they came back with so much power and force that I had no choice but to allow them to come through me. This time the words became a healing vessel for me as well. So strong and stirring were these words that in ten minutes, the entire article was written, and within an hour, the article was live on elephant journal.

When an idea is ready, it demands to be attended to.

In my experience, the more you choose to say yes to an idea, the more they will flow to you. Ideas beg for expression, and they will choose the path of least resistance. The more articles I wake up and write in the middle of the night because the words are sitting there tapping their foot impatiently, the more words and ideas I get. I’ve gone from having writers block for almost a full year to churning out articles nearly every second day.


So ask yourself this:

What ideas are you letting slip you by?

How would you feel if you woke up tomorrow morning to the news that someone had started the business you’ve been thinking of for years?

Or the very thing you were wanting to create has been done by someone else because you were too slow in gathering the energy, time or confidence to do it?


Perfection is a killer of ideas these days, as is the fear of judgment.

But if we’re truly going to live our purpose in this lifetime, then we need to start believing in the serendipity of ideas choosing us.

The idea chooses you for a reason, the idea believes in you.

Would it be so bad if you started to believe in you, too?


With inspiration from:

Gilbert, E. (2015). Big Magic.

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Tiffany Toombs has worked in the health and fitness industry for 16 years in Canada, America and now Australia. Her journey started in working with athletes to rehab their injuries, before she made a move into the mindset and spiritual side of healing. Now working as a coach, educator and presenter, Tiffany draws on her life experiences and desire to learning to assist clients and students in thinking outside of the box to develop creative ways to create change in their lives, achieve their goals, and ultimately to love themselves. She’s also an avid acro yogi, dog lover, beach bum and meditation teacher.