What we’ve learnt from Dr Wayne Dyer

Easily one of the best known motivational speakers in the world, Dr Wayne Dyer has been writing books for decades, but it was his 2004 work ‘The Power of Intention’ that really hit home with many, becoming a best seller and changing lives along the way.

It is a wonderful book, built around the foundation of our ability to bring what we desire into our lives.



To help absorb the fundamentals from this incredible book, today we will look at the lessons that can be learned from Dr Wayne Dyer and why you should make it your next read. 


Intention, he says, is the field of energy that connects us all together, this is the core of the concepts built on by Dyer, so one worth looking at in more detail. What you call the source of this energy is left to the readers own beliefs, but the important lesson is that it is there, and is always available to all of us if we learn to connect to it.


Those who can consciously tap into this power are referred to as ‘connectors’, and these people are those who have made themselves available for success. With this connection comes certainty that your deeds will succeed always. Connectors do not hope for success, they are certain of that whatever the task. This is the benefit of understanding the power of intention and the key to life success is to become a ‘connector’


There are seven faces of intention that form the key to unlocking the power of intention within you.


You need to recognize and embrace the creativity within you, your ideas are the foundation of your success, do not dismiss them.


Dyer refers to kindness, some may call it karma, but it is the concept that you will be rewarded for good intentions.


Love means a lack of judgment, a lack of anger or resentment. It means recognizing God in others.


Beauty must be appreciated in everything.


Expansion refers to yourself, do not set limits and always seek to expand your own understanding.


Unlimited Abundance means facing your fears, and conquer your own limitations.


Receptivity is to be open, without judgment, remaining aware of possibilities where others do not, and most importantly, simply having faith in the power of intention and allowing it to work.


When you do something kind for another person, Serotonin is released inside their brains, and yours does to in return. Serotonin is a hormone that brings on good feelings, and thus helping people makes you, and the recipient, happy.


Make every encounter you have with another opportunity to see thee beauty in them and the world around you.


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