In the world we live in we assume everyone is living perfect lives with their perfect abs, husband/boyfriend, style and homes.

We scroll through social media and feel something grow within us… Envy, jealously, perhaps even hate (if this does happen…stop following those people!).

We’re quick to judge and quick to think for ourselves.

We have created a belief that if we help other people succeed there won’t be enough success for us. 


If I know anything at all, and I’m still learning so much, everyday, it’s that this is all wrong

The more we give in life, the more we will actually get. BK10

The Clean Treats brand belief is ‘together, we can be the healthy change in the world’ with one of our key statements being ‘share love’. I truly believe (and know) that Clean Treats is where it is today; 2 years in with no investment, 6 staff, 90sqm that we have outgrown, because of everything we give. Often in business discussions with mentors or business minds, its always mentioned that we shouldn’t give so much.


But I want to.

And I will continue to do so. 


If I can support the people who are following their own dreams and sharing love to their communities while having Clean Treats products there… Then this is my success. 

Collaboration works when you partner with the right people.


Check, are you aligned?

Do you have the same beliefs? 

Find out what your strengths are and work to them.


So what if we spent more time building each other up, instead of secretly trying to tear each other down?


Because honestly, and even Tony Robbins talks about… The higher the people in your world are, the higher up the ladder they are… The more helping hands you have to get to where you want to be. 

Be creative, think outside the box and make #collabmagic.


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Know that you are perfect, as you are, right now. Create a mantra relative to you (mine is, “I am loved, I am loving, and I am loveable”).