As I was writing an article for my website ‘About Me’ page recently, I truly shocked myself.

I thought it would be fun to demonstrate how much I love learning, by listing all the workshops and courses I had participated in over the past six months.

I started with the most recent, being the Utopia Women’s Wellness Festival. I wrote down the eCourses I had paid for (three in total) and started to recall the workshops I’d attended. There were four in total. As an introvert who was working full time and trying desperately to save money for my business, it seemed like a lot of workshops to attend in six months!


Looking back now, do I regret the time and money I spent?

No way! I consider every workshop and course the absolute best investments I’ve made so far for my start-up wellness coaching business. The knowledge I gained was invaluable. The people I connected with have provided so much friendship, support and helpful advice. Even through the eCourses I studied, I have met incredible individuals who opened my eyes to the world of entrepreneurialism.

I have pages of notes of inspiration and a-ha moments. I gained new followers on social media, who interact with me and encourage me regularly. I have book recommendations, referrals to the best services I can use for my business and I learned about other workshops and courses, which would be useful to me. The money and time I spent were, without a doubt, the best investments I’ve made (and will continue to make) for my start up business.

Let me tell you where I was at before I developed my interest in attending these things. It was a year ago and I was somewhat freaking out because I’d had my first meeting with a website development agency and I was quoted about $30,000 for a brand and website development. I’d finished studying and I was passionate about starting a business, but that kind of money was not within my means. I panicked and rushed out to get a full time job.

Now, this part of my journey I do not regret at all! Sure, I could have borrowed the money and made the website, but I didn’t realise at the time how alone I was. I had the support of my friends and family but I barely knew anyone in business and certainly no one who was successful as a coach.

As I started earning money (a novel concept after four years of study and hardcore budgeting), I allowed myself to sign up for a workshop. At that workshop, I found out about another workshop which one of the other attendees was holding the next day. I went to that too. And so, I became a slight workshop-aholic and as they say, the rest is history.

The more time I spent at workshops, the more I loved them. And the exact same thing happened with eCourses! I signed up for one, met a bunch of amazing people and learned so many useful things. When an opportunity to study something else that interested me appeared, I grabbed that opportunity with excitement and gratitude. In fact, I found eCourses so wonderful I’ve started creating my own!

I never know what will happen when I attend a workshop or sign up for a course. It’s true that while I’ve always learned new and important things, some workshops resonated with me more than others. I do know that if I hadn’t spent the money or allowed myself the time to go, I might still be lost in the business world, feeling lonely and not knowing which decisions to make. Instead, I’ve now launched my wellness coaching business, with a beautiful and affordable website, a blog, a podcast series in the making, an eCourse in development and the most beautiful support network any entrepreneur could ask for.

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As with any investment, remember to ask yourself the important questions:

Will the information be useful?

Can I afford it?

Does the facilitator have experience with the topic of the workshop or course?

And if you’re thinking yes, yes, yes, yes and your intuition is saying, “go for it”, then maybe it’s the right choice for you.

I hope to see you one day at a workshop or seminar or course, soaking up new information, connecting with people in your field and enjoying the amazing experiences on offer.

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