It connects us to our loved ones, strangers and our communities.

It gets us from A to B.

We entertain and educate ourselves with it, capture memories, document our days, plan our weeks and pretty much run our businesses — and our lives — through it.

Whether it’s on our desktop or in our pockets, it’s hard to deny the perks of technology. But at the same time, too much of anything can be a bad thing.

It’s true. We’re spending more time than ever with our eyes glued to our phone, computer and television screens — sometimes all at once — and this overuse, over-reliance and overstimulation can take its toll on our mental and physical health and wellbeing.

  • It can isolate us from real, face to face, human to human
  • It can aggravate our stress levels. Helloooo 273 unread emails. 
  • Too much screen time can strain our eyes, backs and necks and ruin our posture.
  • We can spend more time at the desk than we do moving our bodies.
  • It can feed our inability to switch off, unwind and rest our mind, body and soul.
  • On the other hand, we can rely too much on it to help us relax and unwind. Read: laying flat on our back on the couch scrolling through Instagram for hours on end. 
  • It can disrupt our sleep pattern.
  • It can distract us from looking up and living in the present.
  • Our 24/7 access to online news and Dr Google and can fuel our anxiety and worries.
  • Busy social media feeds can spark ‘comparisonitis’ and damage our self esteem, confidence and worth.
  • It can expose us to electromagnetic and other energy.
  • We can become straight up

Makes sense to unplug and walk away a little more, doesn’t it?

If you’re nodding your head to any of the above possible side-effects of too much tech time, you might be interested in some of the following suggestions on how you can curb — or at least control — your interaction and exposure to technology:



No phones in the bedroom

This one is a simple, yet powerful step in cutting back on technology. It’s the norm to go to bed with a phone in our hand, lap top on our stomach or TV on the wall. But how making a conscious effort to leave it all at the door?

Don’t snooze with a phone under your pillow or on your night stand. Invest in a good ol’ fashioned alarm clock to wake you up.

Meditate, stretch, read a book, stare into your partner’s eyes, debrief on each other’s day and get intimate before bedtime, instead of mindlessly staring at a glowing screen in the midst of darkness.



Do a technology detox

Don’t fret – we’re not suggesting you should bin your computer or phone. All we’re sayin’ is, unplug, sign out, log off or power down from time to time. Whether it’s once a month, every weekend for a whole day, from 8pm onwards at night time or simply during your lunch break, just put it down and step away.

Set some boundaries around when you’re online and when you’re not.

Look up and around you. Be present. There’s a big, beautiful world out there to see, hear, smell, touch and experience.



Touch base, in person

Liking their Instagram photo, replying to a text or sending an email just doesn’t quite give you all the same feel-good feelings as catching up with a loved one in real life.

Don’t deny yourself human touch and connection, simply because it’s more convenient to keep in contact via your iPhone. Pencil in a lunch date, have a hug, a laugh and a damn good time.

And if they just so happen to be oceans away — why not send some good ol’ fashioned, handwritten snail mail once in a while?



Purify the energy around you

Debate continues about whether or not exposure to radiofrequency and electromagnetic energy via our mobile phones and other appliances puts your health at risk. But, it may help to neutralise or soak up those ions with the help of something like a Himalayan Salt Lamp or a crystal such as Black Tourmaline.

Placing either of these next to your computer, television and any other electric device is believed to protect you from, or at least reduce, your exposure to those bad energy emissions.

As with just about everything in life, when it comes to technology and electronics, moderation is key.

Be mindful of how you use it, why you’re using it and how often.

You might be surprised how much you can do — and live — without it!

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