How to Tame Your Ego

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How to Tame Your Ego

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Our natural instinct as rational human beings is to constantly be right, solve problems, and take control of the situation. The ego we have requires that we always be in control of the situation. We want to fix things because fixing allows us to be in control.

In our desire to control the situation, our ego has created auto-responses to certain situations. When we operate according to our egos, we miss out on new possibilities. We take for granted opportunities that offer a new path or a different (sometimes better) ways to do things. Here are 4 ways to tame your ego:

   Relax. You are doing fine.

People with strong egos will usually fret over what people think about them. They act tentatively to look good. Ego-centered thoughts like, “I don’t want to appear…” or “I don’t want to look…” or so on. When thoughts like these arise, we feel insecure, afraid, and cautious.

Ultimately, these negative emotions can dictate the way we make decisions. When feelings don’t measure up, it can be stressful for us and the discomfort can result in tricking our mind to be in defensive mode. When you’re in defensive mode, you can’t make wise decisions. You should relax. Breathe in and out. When these negative emotions arise, recognize that you’re in defensive mode and change it up. Operate from a place of security and sensibility.

Be true to yourself

Defense mechanisms help you cope with anxiety when you feel your image is threatened. But at the end of the day, it causes you to hide your authentic self from the world. When you hide yourself, you wear a mask that matches the way others see you. When you do this, you end up losing parts of who you truly are.

Don’t try to hide who you are. You are a wonderful human being. Let the world know this. The best person you can be is your true self. When you try to fit into a mold that’s not you, that is when you’ll encounter problems in the long run.

Let go of the “I know it all” mindset

Have you ever experienced making decisions just to feed your ego? The thing is, your ego operates from a place of limited information. The ego operates only from what it already knows, and it’s not willing to open itself up to new information, new experiences, or new possibilities

For example, if you previously had an unpleasant experience speaking in public, you’d likely reject new opportunities to speak in public. Your ego will say, “You don’t want to humiliate yourself again” and you would reject the chance to give it another try. When you operate from your higher self, you’ll recognize that taking the opportunity to prepare this time and be yourself, you’ll have a much better experience.

Trust your higher self

Let’s say, for example, you’re making a career choice. You have a chance to take a job you truly love. However, the salary is only adequate. You also have another job offer with a huge salary, but you don’t particularly like what you’re going to do on a daily basis. The ego will make short-term decisions. It’s on survival mode. If you go for the high paying job that does not authentically speak to your passions and purpose in life, then you’ll end up miserable and stuck in the long run. On the other hand, the higher self is not deceived by the temporary offers of status and security. Doing what you love can lead to future opportunities that will make more money than the other job. Even if it does not, you’ll be living a life of deeper fulfillment, something money can’t ever buy.

When you’re making a decision, listen to the highest interests of the mind. Don’t be influenced by a reactive and short-sighted ego that has no regard for the big picture.





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