Congratulations on making the important decision to review the toxic impact on your life & to see how this may or may not be affecting your overall wellbeing. A small decision like this can have a big impact on your long-term health & happiness. Taking this toxicity quiz and becoming truly aware are the first steps to creating change!

Do you ever wonder about the aluminum in the deodorant you roll under your arms daily?

Do you live close to a freeway, are you exposed to traffic related pollution, or is your home by a golf course or in an agricultural area?

Do you often suffer from fatigue, low energy, foggy thinking, or headaches?

Do you suffer weight gain OR hormonal disturbance?

If you are thinking of planning for a family, are you curious about how your food packaging could be impacting your hormones or fertility?

Do you or your family have regular exposure to electromagnetic radiation and radio-frequency like WIFI from wireless routers in your home / office, and regular use of a mobile phone or ipad?

Do you regularly use conventional shampoos, toothpastes, deodorants, perfumes, shaving lotions, make-up, skin & personal products?

Do you ever wonder about the pesticides in the food you eat, and how they may be impacting your brain and gut health?

Do you drink unfiltered tap water?

Do you store your food in plastic containers?

Do you feel confident with your strategies to build resilience against daily chemical exposures?

If you’re unhappy with the results presented and would like to find a way to make changes in your life to alter your Toxic Exposure, then you may like to consider the fantastic I Quit Chemicals Course, created by Danielle Shirley & Tabitha McIntosh.  This course will equip you with life-changing information to awaken and guide significant health changes for you and your family.

This course will help you to protect YOU & YOUR FAMILY!

Through 11 powerful modules, you will;

AWAKEN to a more health conscious, empowered way of living without toxic chemicals.

IDENTIFY the TOP TEN TOXINS that you never suspected you are being exposed to in everyday products and how they accumulate in your tissues to disrupt hormone balance, how they reduce vitality, and make you look old, fat and sick!

GAIN PRACTICAL room-by-room tips for SWITCHING to SAFER and healthier choices of personal care products, cosmetics, household cleaners, furniture, food, and water.

UNRAVEL the confusion of ‘greenwashing’ and better understand what ORGANIC actually means. Which products are truly organic, and who can we trust?

LEARN how to eat REAL, pesticide-free food that nourishes and heals.

WISE UP on PROTECTING your fertility and raising healthy kids.

ENHANCE your health and wellbeing by maximizing detoxification pathways in the body with vital nutrients and herbs.

GAIN KNOWLEDGE on how to dramatically reduce the negative effects of the electromagnetic radiation that’s surrounding you and your family everyday.

DISCOVER beautiful, soulful rituals for everyday that help to DETOX the mind and revitalize the body.

EMERGE with the motivation and wisdom to make your home a safe sanctuary and your body healthy  and QUIT chemicals for life!

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