Humans function best with seven-to-nine hours’ worth of sleep. However, more and more people are having trouble sleeping. Today’s society doesn’t value sleep. We think that when we limit sleep, we get other things done and we associate that with productivity. Withholding on sleep has a price tag, which includes weight gain, diminished immune system responses, lack of concentration, irritability, and even depression.



There is a sleep regime that you can follow in order for you to successfully switch off before going to bed. It should be observed to promote good sleep. Your habits keep you awake at night.

Here are 9 ways to help you fully switch off before bed to get you the ZZZs you deserve: 


Keep regular hours.

The best way to ensure a good sleep is to stick to a regular schedule. Your natural body clock will be in sync if you keep a regular bed time and wake up at the same time, regardless if you feel sleepy already or not.


Exercise regularly.

Exercise burns off the tension and stress you have in your body. It helps you unwind on a mental and physical level. Usually, exercise is good late in the afternoon or early in the evening. However, exercise should be done 4-6 hours before you go to sleep.


Reduce stimulation.

Are you a coffee addict? Do you load up on caffeine throughout the day just so you’ll be alert? The extra caffeine in tea, cola, and chocolate can make you stay up all night. Have your last beverage containing caffeine 6-8 hours before your bedtime. Avoid watching television and playing on your smartphone or other devices when you’re in bed. These will stimulate your brain and keep you up longer. Make it a goal to turn your bedroom into a technology free zone.


Sleep on a good bed.

Invest in a good bed and pillow. We often take this for granted. However, you spend long periods of your time everyday using these things, so why not go for the best kind. Consider cervical supports or pillows that can help your sleeping posture.


Reduce or stop smoking.

The nicotine found in cigarettes is a strong stimulant than caffeine. Smokers who break their habit can have dramatic sleep improvements.


Don’t drink alcohol (or drink in moderation)

Alcohol can suppress REM sleep and deep sleep. This will result in fragmented and unrefreshing sleep. If you do drink alcohol, wait for at least 4-6 hours before you sleep.


Set aside a “Worry Time.”

A lot of times people cannot sleep because of all the things running through their mind. If distractions follow you to bed, tell yourself to deal with them during the next day’s “Worry Time.”


Don’t go to bed stuffed or starved.

Avoid late night meals. Avoid snacks that will give you gas. Don’t go to bed hungry either. These can keep you up. Try to eat at least two hours before your bedtime so that you won’t feel too hungry or too full.


Go to bed when sleepy.

Get out of bed if you’re unable to sleep in 15-20 minutes and return to bed only when sleepy. If you want to read a book, don’t do it on the bed. Go someplace else. When you’re sleepy, then you can return to bed and sleep. Repeat this step as many times as necessary throughout the night.


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