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Welcome to Spring

So, we are officially done with winter, but it seems as though Sydney’s weather has only just received the memo!

I love the energy that a change of season brings … especially spring.

I find it’s the time when you can re-motivate yourself, and get all of those things, which you have been putting off on your “to-do,” list finally started.

For myself, jumping into spring on day one wasn’t as smooth as it has been on other years. I found myself extremely emotional, didn’t want to be around anyone and I just wanted to slow down, and reflect on my journey so far. I know it sounds like it was a pretty crappy day, but it was actually beautiful; it helped me re-focus on my goals, and remember the good times I’ve had in the pool.

They say that spring is a time of new beginnings, a time for honouring the past, and a time for looking to the future with renewed hope and anticipation. Astrologically, the cosmos encourages the start of new projects, travel, adventures, and new life. It’s also a great time to make personal resolutions for the future.

With those things in mind, I thought it was only fitting to share with you my 5 tips that I will be employing to kick-start spring:

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Take Your Exercise Outside

It has been too windy and cold outside to be motivated enough for exercise; now that the sun is up earlier, and the weather is beautiful, take your exercise out into the fresh air. For me, it is much more enjoyable, as I love the visual stimulus of watching what’s going on around me. I always feel more energised after an outdoor workout.

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New Workout Gear

A great way to stay motivated with your fitness routine is to buy yourself some new workout clothes, or a pair of runners. You can make this as affordable, or as expensive, as you like. I find that just having a new sports top, or tights, makes me feel excited. I then find myself planning a walk with friends, or waking up and putting my workout gear on, instead of jeans: this inspires me to stay active. My new ’14 Summer Performance Range for Russell Athletic has recently hit the stores, and is a fantastic place to start! Head to their new website at and enter my promotional code, steph4russellath to receive an exclusive 10% off your purchase!

Screen Shot 2014-08-22 at 9.08.26 PMIncorporate a Fresh Juice or Smoothie Into Your Day

I have been having an internal battle during winter, with juices and smoothies and it goes a little like this…

photo 1

photo (3)

photo (3)

Now that the weather is warming up, it is much more enjoyable to have fresh juice or smoothies. In fact, I am looking forward to them! I love the way they make me feel, and I automatically notice that my skin improves after I’ve been feeding my body the nutrients and minerals that it needs to maintain a busy lifestyle. It’s also a great, tasty way to stay hydrated!

My advice for those of you who don’t like fresh juices and smoothies, which by the way is totally fine, is to make sure that you are getting your nutrients in other forms. Try having a small glass of water, with a green powder, in the morning. It is an affordable, convenient, and portable way of absorbing the vitamins and nutrients you need. It’s easy to make at home, or to take with you when you are out and about. When I know I won’t have access to fresh produce, I always take a small tub out with me.

The benefits I have noticed from drinking juice, smoothies, or green powder, are outstanding. My immune system is stronger than ever, my skin looks cleaner and fresher, my energy is more stable, and I function off just 6 hours sleep very well. I know that I need to maintain my health routine, and supplement my body with “goodness”, in order to combat the stress I put it through.

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Brainstorming Sessions Outside

This is something I have only just started to incorporate into my business life, but my gosh! I already find it effective. I have long taken walks with friends, and found myself having very open and honest conversations, but I never thought to do the same thing for business. Being outside in the fresh air is when I am most creative, and I can really think, “Big Picture”.

I like to take a walk with my team, brainstorm, and set goals for our upcoming projects. The dynamic energy you have when you are outside, in a non-threatening environment, helps people open up and share, far more than they do while sitting with someone at a desk; I personally find face-to-face meetings quite confronting. However,when you are walking side-by-side and chatting, it is much easier to open up, and to really get to know someone. That is when my best planning comes to me.

Try it some time, and let me know what you think!

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Stock Up on Your Fresh Veggies

All the best fruits come into season during spring; bring on those mangoes and blueberries! Get organised, and hit the fresh fruit and veggie markets on the weekend, so you can prep your meals for the week ahead. It is easiest to stay lean when you are prepared, and have healthy and nutritious snacks readily available.

You can even freeze your fruit to make delicious smoothies during the week.

For now, let’s hope this weather warms up quickly, and please get in touch with me through my website at or through my social media @itsStephRice. Let me know how you’re getting into spring!

Be the best you can be!








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