Last week my bestie came to me saying “oh I have a great idea for your blog, can you please do a post on starting a gratitude journal, I have tried looking things up and can’t find anything helpful”. So of course I said yes! Today I am rounding up my 5 favourite tools for you to start your own gratitude practice. But first let’s talk about how essential it really is to your wellbeing to have and share Gratitude…

Gratitude is something that is incredibly important in my life. It enhances and amplifies, expands and opens up, shapes and creates a gorgeous reality to surround myself within.

Gratitude allows us to see the lessons learned in every moment, to know that no matter how hard, tragic or large an obstacle might be in the end there is always something to be grateful for. Whether you see that gratitude now, in a week, a month or 3 years from now…it will be there and you will learn a lesson and even just for that, the lesson, gratitude is at play. Because for every lesson learned there is growth and new insight and expansion of your being.

Gratitude is an indulgence in all of the happiness, bliss and joy that enters your life. To see the beauty big or small in each moment brings you waves of absolute comfort, delight and pure satisfaction. Gratitude is the harmony of giving and receiving, the moments that come and go in our lives that are filled with juxtaposition and paradox’s that seem so unwoven but actually complete the perfect gratifying moment.

Gratitude is to be seen, which itself is a choice to be made by you. To see or not to see, to open yourself up to the possibilities or to wall up, to reach for the light or to have grey cloud coverage. Choose.

Being grateful each and every day helps you notice things more, the moments that tend to pass us by now get to linger and blossom a little longer in our mind; it’s precious. Gratitude helps you accept a situation for all that it is the good and the bad because through being grateful you can start turning negatives into positives, the optimism it can bring to your life and to the moments you experience is priceless. It expands your horizons and memorializes your thoughts; it makes your soul flutter with euphoria. It is ecstasy for the mind, body and soul. Truly bow down worthy, is gratitude.

Gratitude is an appreciation to life, its beauty, its aliveness, its faults, its glamour, its indiscretions, its grace, its wrongdoings, its vibrancy, its love and its light.

All you have to do is be open to everything life throws at you, look around, open your eyes wide, what do you see, what makes you smile, what lights you up, with hands on heart say a thank you, scream it, whisper it, maybe its silent, but life deserves a great big Thank You every so often.

Practicing gratitude can seriously change your life, here are 5 ways you can start your own gratitude journal.



The old fashioned pen to journal. You don’t have to be a writer, have profound literary capabilities, heck you don’t even have to write much. Note form is perfect. Maybe one day it will turn into sentences then paragraphs, maybe two pages of golden nuggets. Whatever or however you get your gratitude list down on a piece of paper doesn’t matter, it is just the action of doing, of being awake to the happiness in your life and making a note of it. A few of my favourite journals (all can be ordered online) to start you out with:



{So Much to Say Journal, One Line a Day Journal, Small Things Become Great When Done With Love Journal, Write Like No One’s Reading Journal} The first picture in this post is my personal journal that I bought at Chapters a while ago but they still have it available online here.



An app for your phone like Evernote. If you would rather a digital version of a journal this app is amazing. Maybe you want to jot down your gratitude as you go throughout the day instead of all in one sitting; Evernote can do just that for you. You can make a notebook for gratitude, and you can even add pictures if you like and it is all right there, all the time, at your fingertips. Kinda gives you no excuses not to start a gratitude list, seeing as I know you probably always have your phone with you!



A gratitude jar for the whole family. I love this idea for families, grab a mason jar, make a cute gratitude cup sign, have a pen and some strips of paper next to it and then as each member of the family feels grateful for something they can write it down and put it in the jar. Wouldn’t it be a super cute family moment to sit down once a week and go over what everyone was grateful for? Love!



A photography gratitude journal (something like my In Moments through pictures you can see a few of those here, here and here). This is my favourite form of sharing my gratitude and bonus I get to work on my photography skills; little snap shots here and there of passing by moments that brought so much joy to my life. You don’t have to have a blog to showcase this, maybe you start a hashtag on Instagram, or maybe you start an album on your computer that you can go back and look at, maybe you even go the foreign way and get some of your pictures printed and start a physical album or frame some and start a gallery wall that you change up each month, endless possibilities!


Start a gratitude painting project. I am not a painter myself (something I would like to start one day though) but I love this idea. Maybe it isn’t a daily activity but once a month you sit down and paint something you were grateful for. Imagine a gallery wall of all your grateful memories that you yourself painted, how gorgeous.



{Image via Erika Brechtel Brand Stylist}

There are so many different ways you can showcase your gratitude, don’t get to lost in the how, just do. I love reading back or looking through my In Moments every so often, to bring back those amazing memories of pure delight and happiness. Of my present like truly present, wouldn’t want to be anywhere else type of moments.

Do you have a favorite way you like to show or document your gratitude? If you are on Instagram hashtag #inmoments I would love to see some gratitude pictures from YOU.

Lots of Love

Lynds xx

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