We are living in a world where posting our life on social media is the norm and selfies are causing more deaths than shark attacks.

Crazy, right?


We are constantly on our phones, checking emails, checking in, checking text messages, checking our makeup, checking what our friends are doing — and the most frequent of all — checking how many people liked our last update or photo. Because, #like.


With all of that going on, it has become easy for us to create a ‘social personality’ that we put on display for the world (or our Instagram followers and Facebook friends) to see. A world in which we are able to control, edit, change and alter whenever we please.




But when it comes down to the truth, is that person on display the real you?

By ‘real you’ I mean:

Does that person demonstrate your beliefs?
Does that person actually live the way you are portraying?

Does that person show your real values and morals?

Does that person show your true feelings?

Does that person reflect whom you really are inside?


Take a moment and really think about those questions. If you can answer all of the above with a big fat yes, congratulations on showing who you really are at all times and being comfortable in that!


If you’ve answered no, that’s okay too — because we’re only human and we all have moments of insecurity, doubt and wanting human attention and affection. However, it is important to take the time and reflect so you can really understand why you’re doing these things and then work out ways towards stopping it.


Why should you stop it?

Life is too short and the aim here is for you to be comfortable showing the real and authentic you, because that person is beautiful, valued, smart and fantastic.

So, before you post a status update or photo again, I want you to ask yourself the following questions:

  1. Who am I trying to please with this post?
  2. Am I posting this just so I can get likes?
  3. Am I posting this to make someone or people jealous of my life?
  4. Am I posting this because I want people to think my life is better than it is?
  5. Am I posting this to be nasty?
  6. Am I posting this because I need attention?
  7. Am I posting this because I want someone to ask me how my day was?


You get my drift?

Social media shouldn’t be a way of showing the fake you that you’re creating. It should be a way for you to show who you really are and the ones who like it will continue to follow!


Social media isn’t about collecting numbers (due to you being someone you’re not), it’s about you being who you are and having people love that person and want to know more.


Always remember:

You are valued. You are amazing. You are beautiful. You are smart.

Be the real you and be it confidently.



Do you find it difficult to be ‘real’ on social media? Share with us in the comments below!


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Megan Luscombe is a certified Life & Relationship Coach with a background in Psychology & Sociology. Based in Melbourne, Megan regularly runs workshops & events that focus on topics such as: Health, Relationships, Sex, Business & more!