5 Ways To Stand Out In An Online Crowd

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It’s easy to be overwhelmed when you’re starting a business or wanting to promote your business beyond its current audience. You start to check out what the competition is doing online, and before you know it, you’ve gone down the rabbit hole of ‘everyone else has already done it’.

The good news is that there are some simple strategies which can make you and your business stand out from the online crowd.

Write your story, in your words

Did you know that your About Page is often the second most visited page on your website? That’s because once someone lands on your website, whether it’s from Google, social media or a link from another site, they often want to know more about who it is that’s running this business. This is why it’s so important to use your About Page to talk about why you’re different. What is it about your story that makes you unique?

Ask 3 friends or colleagues what they think is unique about you. It may be your qualities, your experience or your life story. Any (or all) of these can make for an interesting About Page. Use this as a starting point to write your About page in your own words.

Create imperfect video

Video accounted for over 70% of online traffic in 2017 and is only set to grow in 2018 and beyond. More and more people are tuning in online, so where is your business when it comes to video? Video allows your audience to get to know you, hear you and see you in a way that images and text will not.

Remember, a video does not need to be perfect. We’re so used to slightly imperfect video but always ensure that you’re providing at least one value bomb per video (rather than just self-promotion) and it will go a long way.


Spend some time brainstorming what it is that you’re always being asked, or look at previous blogs you’ve written. Blogs that you’ve already shared on your website are just ripe for being repurposed into video content.

Be consistent

Business owners and entrepreneurs often tell me that their organic reach is falling on social media, and they just don’t get as many likes as they used to. Yes, this may be true, but it’s not a reason to stop posting altogether. Both Facebook and Instagram reward engagement and you’re always going to get more engagement by actually posting rather than nothing!

If you’ve found that engagement has dropped, mix up your post styles – try writing longer captions, sharing other people’s posts that are popular, or using more video.

Combine being consistent with video and start your own Facebook Live TV show, where you turn up every week at the same time. Sounds scary, but if you turn up consistently online you will definitely be rewarded in the long term.

Reward loyalty

When you’re running an online business, there’s lots of talk around numbers. How big your email list size is, what your follower count is, how many website visitors you get… However, if you want to truly stand out from the competition then you need to realize that each and every one of those numbers is a person.


Reward your most loyal subscribers and customers in unexpected ways, whether it’s a special discount, or maybe a personalized call. Not only will you surprise and delight them, chances are they’ll tell their friends and family about it as well!

Finally, if it’s working, push it out!

Has one of your Facebook posts started to get a ton of comments? Has one of your videos had an unexpected response? The easiest thing you can do is spend a little cash and hit that boost post button and start showing it to more people. If you promote a post that already has social proof (likes, comments and shares) then you’re going to ‘stand out’ to people finding out about you for the first time.

Above all, to stand out online you need to show up consistently, listen to your audience and always be pushing yourself to try new things!

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