Why the ‘stuff’ won’t bring you inner peace

Over the past few years, spirituality has become incredibly trendy. It’s cool to meditate and act out of intention. Waking up to watch the sunrise and swimming in the ocean is a must do, and yoga has been embraced by so many people, from the corporate world to our kids. I’m all for it – the more people who are living from love, the better this world will be.

As part of this shift, there has been a rise in intentional products. Clothing, food, jewellery, candles, furniture, crystals, angel cards, oracle cards; the list is endless. And of course, this is absolutely amazing. It means that when I want to purchase something, I can choose ethically sourced, handmade or local made with a whole lot more ease.


It also means that the things I wear can be infused with high vibrations, love and true connection. What a blessing!

But the issue comes when the ‘stuff’, which may be intentional or not, becomes something we believe we need to have in order to be spiritual.

Here’s what I mean. Our minds are clever little cookies and when it comes to growth and expansion, we usually come up against some type of resistance. I see this all the time with my clients, particularly around meditation.

They set the intention to meditate, but they haven’t had the chance to buy the new yoga mat, the guided meditation or the essential oil, so they don’t do it.

This is fear disguised as spirituality.

Having that particular essential oil won’t automatically make you spiritual, or buying that kimono doesn’t mean that your chakras are aligned. It’s just a form of external validation that we use to disguise what’s going on inside.

‘If I have all of the stuff, and look like I’m zen, then maybe I will be zen.’

Big. Huge. No.

That’s just not how it works.

The key to embracing spirituality and truly reaping the benefits comes from taking action. It starts with sitting your butt down on the floor and breathing. It comes from committing to journaling daily, from setting intentions, from calling yourself out when you are acting out of alignment with your highest self and from honouring the inner you, every single day.

There’s no magic pill, easy path or yoga mat that will do the work for you.


A note on love and fear …

In each moment we have a choice to act from love or fear. Love leads us closer to our divine purpose and true self, and fear holds us back, and stops us from moving forward.

Choosing to wait to commit to your spiritual practice based on external items is fear speaking loud and clear. That’s fear telling you that without those things in your life you can’t actually be spiritual.

So how do you move through it?

Ask yourself these three questions before purchasing something intentional …


Why am I purchasing this?

What has led you to purchase this item? Is this a diversion from the actual task? Do you think that this will bring you ‘something’ that in fact, you know deep down you can do for yourself?

And for bonus points, journal about this. You might be surprised at what clarity you bring yourself!


What would love do?

Would love tell you to buy it anyway? Probably not. Love would tell you that you’ve got this, and that you are perfect without all of the stuff. Hell yes it would!


How can I take positive action?

What can you do next in response to this process? Maybe you learnt that your obsession with a particular online store was a way of avoiding that thing at work that has been really boiling you up inside. Maybe you’ve been seeking out in order to avoid what will come up in meditation. Give yourself one action step that you can do right away, that will move you closer to love.

I want to finish by saying that there is absolutely nothing wrong with purchasing intentional products and making them a part of your life. They can deepen your practice, strengthen your connection, amplify your intentions and help you express yourself to the outside world. Just make sure that they’re coming into your life from a place of love.

I’d love you to share with me in the comments section below how you may have avoided real spiritual growth in the past by diverting your attention to material things. Has this highlighted something for you that you want to work on? Be brave, declare it below, and hold yourself accountable! (It’s the first step!)


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