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From doing a course in heart-centered business and marketing, learning from my spirit guides about the power of consciousness and putting it all into practice with my brand/business, I have come together with 4 of my top tips to share with you!

Remember your audience is responding (or not responding) to so much more than just words/descriptions /  cold marketing… we are all intuitive beings and we respond to what is behind it all – the intention, the energy, the purpose … people are attracted to what you offer when they can CONNECT, connect with something that they resonate with, something that is true to their core beliefs and values/perception, when they find something that is on the same wavelength/vibration as them they feel attracted, they feel like they want to know more or be a part of what you are putting out there.

Also, they trust and are more willing to invest in what you offer if they can feel that it is coming from a pure intention/heart space. Most people will decide whether to engage in / continue reading through a website/advertisement within the first few seconds depending on their first impression / the vibe that they are picking up on, Really think about the overall energy of which you are channelling into your brand/business and what that communicates to others (even if words are not involved).

With knowing this (above), the first step is to really evaluate what your purpose is, what the purpose of your brand/business is, what is the message/intention exactly? Get really clear about this – the people who will benefit from your service / product need to know what is being offered in order to make the personal connection and decide that they want/need to follow/invest. If you are unclear about your purpose / what you are offering, so will your potential clients/customers.

As well as knowing your purpose and message, know who your ideal client/customer is, really think about who would best benefit from your purpose and how you can connect with them on a deeper level… (for example: if you are looking to offer an alternative health service, your ideal client/customer is going to be open-minded and looking for a holistic approach to health – and so how can you connect with her/him and their values/beliefs, what kind of ‘vibe’ are they attracted to? Vibrant, natural and positive energy or clinical and bland? 

This is also about ‘lining up’ the energy / vibration of which you are creating your brand / business from and will help when it comes to things such as your logo/ website/descriptions/design etc. as you will be able to choose colours/ words/features and visuals that feel inspired / ‘just right’ in terms of best representing/reflecting the message and purpose.

Are you (as the creator) a corresponding component to what your vision is? If you are wanting to have a purposeful, thriving, successful and abundant brand / business, are you in vibrational alignment with this? are you BEING a purposeful, thriving, successful and abundant creator?

Remember your outer world is a reflection / manifestation of what is going on within your consciousness – if you are creating your brand/business from a vibration/consciousness of lack or that you don’t feel worthy and deserving of having a purposeful, thriving, successful and abundant experience, what do you think the reality will be? Visualization and Quantum Leaping have been key for me to get into this vibration/state of consciousness. 

Connect, communicate and co-create with your guides. Your guides are with you to help! In all areas and aspects of your life, why not work with them ? Mine are always reminding me of my purpose, inspiring me with ideas and channeling through information, they are always there to give guidance, solutions, and ideas, they have a powerful effect in co-creating synchronicities and interactions etc.

Meditate upon your guides and communicate what your vision is, if your vision is of an aligned intention, you will feel their encouragement and support, ask for them to help and to co-create with you from their vantage point / dimension in any way that they can and be willing to follow your intuition!

And in general I always choose to make sure that I am in an inspired place / good energy before contributing to my brand / business, I always follow what feels good to me, allowing my intuition to guide my decisions and making sure that all of my communication / interactions are heart centred!

If you love to see a purpose and positive energy within brands/businesses, share this article! 

Much Love,

Jessica Reid

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