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Either you’re on or off, happy or flat,
okay or not okay, good or bad. 

When you’re good, you try and keep away from bad and when you’re bad, all you want to be is good.

You live in two states out of the entire spectrum of being a human, yet in the middle there is incredible vastness to experience.

A place that is desperately sought for and avoided simultaneously.

We have been conditioned to view one state to be better than another.  For example, we are told, “You can’t play in the rain, you’ll get wet and dirty.” The rain and getting wet equals bad, so that means when the sun is out you can play, therefore the sun is better.

“Be careful, it’s dark outside.” Darkness must mean something bad could happen, so daytime is safer.

These examples seem petty, however the concept evolves and filters into many aspects of our lives.

When you are immersed in happiness, you take on all its offerings and it becomes who you are. “How is everything so good? Do I deserve this? I hope something bad doesn’t happen to stop this.” This is no different to when you feel sad — you allow it to become who you are.


“Why am I like this? What did I do wrong? Everything was so good before.”

If you are happy and you are sad, then you are also good, bad, right, wrong, and so on.

When you allow these states to take over and perceive them to be part of your identity, there is an underlying force of energy conjuring, questioning who you are. Herein lies a myriad of blocked energy that resides right in the middle of your chest, the heart chakra. Our heart chakra is in its own realm of emotional intelligence, knowing, forgiveness, sensing and intuition.

Most people find comfort in the physical and grounded chakras — base, sacral and solar plexus. Others spend time connecting to higher energy and disconnect from reality through the throat, third-eye and crown chakras.

Yet, the heart is often bypassed and the irony is that the heart connects us intimately to ourselves and others. It is the middle of the spectrum.

We are often asked, “What’s wrong?” when upset. Who said feeling this is wrong? Is logic and reason a must when amidst feeling? Do we need to fix ourselves rapidly to attain the opposite state of sadness? Do we need to perfect everything so nothing goes bad?

I sense it is time we looked at the use of language, the application of its meaning and assess how this effects the view of self.

Do you feel like you have to constantly be one or the other? Share with us in the comments below!

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Words by

Kat John has been a Registered Nurse since 2007,
working alongside the medical profession. A Melbourne based Intuitive Mentor since 2013, Kat will also complete her Graduate Diploma in Psychology in 2015.

Being amongst a profession that relied on facts and data,
her intuition would speak to her, yet at times be shutdown. The more something ‘felt different’ to what was being portrayed, Kat began to open up to what her inner voice
was sharing and became a strong voice in patient advocacy