Ladies, fill up those teapots, grab your friends and get ready to hear the latest news in fertility.

Need to boost your hormones and fertility?

Reach for a soothing cup of herbal tea to enhance your chances of conception.



Fertility herbal teas are the latest rage for the many medicinal qualities and wonderful health benefits they pose. There are specific herbs and brews that have been shown to increase your chances of successfully falling pregnant.

In Chinese Medicine, several herbs have undergone evidence-based research to uncover their benefits in regulating the menstrual cycle, optimising fertility, ovarian reserve and improving fertility outcomes. Herbs such Chaste Tree, Wild Yam, Ginseng, Astragalus, Dang Gui and Gou Ji Zi, have all shown to positively impact fertility.

Before we dive into the specifics, it’s important to understand how our cycle functions. For women, there are four important hormones involved in fertility and the menstrual cycle – estrogen, progesterone, luteinizing hormone (LH) and follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH).


You’d probably be most familiar with estrogen and progesterone, however LH and FSH also play crucial roles in fertility and ovulation! Originating in the anterior pituitary gland, FSH and LH stimulate the growth of follicles, activate ovulation and form the corpus luteum (a hormone-secreting structure), making the anterior pituitary gland important to nurture.

The hormonal system for men is not too dissimilar. The key hormones for men are LH, FSH and testosterone — all of which play a vital role in the development of spermatozoa (otherwise known as sperm).



Chaste Tree or Vitex affects the activity of the pituitary-hypothalamic axis and is known to increase progesterone levels and significantly increase plasma progesterone, which supports the immediate phase following ovulation and embryo development. If you aren’t trying to conceive, Vitex is effective in the treatment of mild to moderate PMS and normalising menstruation in women with shortened or infrequency cycles.



Traditionally, Wild Yam (or Discorea) has been used to manage painful menstruation, cramps or nausea in pregnancy. Wild Yam has been used as a natural alternative to estrogen replacement therapy to treat postmenopausal vaginal dryness, PMS and increase libido in men and women!




Similar responses have been seen with Dang Gui in regulating menstruation and relieving menstrual pain. In one study, it demonstrated a 76% rate of effectiveness.



While Ginseng might not directly impact the organs and hormones involved in fertility, it plays an important role in stabilising the body’s response to stress. You might think stress is a little out of place, but it is actually the leading cause of health-related illnesses worldwide. Ginseng is thought to profoundly influence the hypothalamic pituitary adrenal axis, influencing the adrenal and pituitary glands involved in the stress response, and the pituitary gland that directly influences our sex hormones.



Now here’s one for the men — Astragalus! The liquid extract of the astragalus plant has been tested in vitro, meaning in a test tube, and found to have a significant stimulatory effect on sperm motility. We will have to wait for the human trials to see how it fares!



With a long history of use as a traditional remedy for male infertility, Gou Ji Zi is included in most fertility-promoting Chinese herbal remedies. Now, Gou Ji Zi isn’t as foreign as you’d think — it’s actually the humble Goji berry. Known for its high levels of antioxidants, Goji berries have been seen to improve reproductive function.

In traditional Chinese Medicine practice, these herbs are formulated and compounded together, taking into account therapeutic dosage and noting how they compliment one another. The Angea Fertility Herbal Range is specifically designed to support the four phases of your reproductive cycle, balancing your hormones, increasing your fertility and regulating your cycle.


Drinking fertility herbs is just as much about good health and nutrition, as it is about enhancing your hormones and fertility. Drinking certain fertility teas can be one of the best ways to support female health and prepare you for pregnancy.BK13

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