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Having high self-confidence doesn’t mean to love yourself no matter what you do.  Consequently, guilt, fear, regret, and self-reproach do have their place when appropriate.

Low self-confidence, however, often means treating yourself harshly even when you did nothing wrong. Similarly, being inferior and feeling inferior are two different things.  Oprah may be superior to you as a presenter (and richer too), but the idea of her superiority in these areas shouldn’t bother you at all.

Realistically acknowledging someone’s superiority without being bothered by it is healthy and natural. Whereas, feeling inferior, or having an inferiority complex, is a whole other story. And this is where Low self-confidence starts to show up.

Our very insightful assessment below is designed to evaluate your current levels of self-confidence. If you score too low, do not worry: Being aware of the problem is the first step to the solution and therefore, Self-Confidence is something we can help you cultivate


Answer the following questions…

I am afraid to express myself

I need to feel that my friends and family approve of what I do.

I try to live up to other people’s expectations.

Many people dislike me.

I am not an ambitious person.

I am scared of looking dumb or not smart enough

I feel like I lack engaging communication skills.

I work hard out of sense of responsibility in front of my family.

I often feel other people I know are much more attractive than me.

I am concerned with other people’s opinion about me.

I tend to make mistakes and I'm critical of myself

I have an inner voice which is very critical

I worry about the future.

I wish people appreciated me more.

I am an indecisive person

I get embarrassed easily.

I don’t feel I contribute much to this world.

I feel like I have no one to talk to.

People expect too much of me.

Nobody cares about my achievements.

I often feel misunderstood

I often worry

I suspect that people gossip about me behind my back.


If you’d like to work on building your Self-Confidence, join us for our


How to build genuine, unstoppable & consistent CONFIDENCE, without feeling concerned, anxious or nervous about the change & transition process.




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