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If you’re in biz, chances are you already know that social media is one of the most powerful ways to share your brand identity, connect with your consumers and showcase your products and services.

The thing is though, that social media is fast-moving and ever-changing and so it can be hard to stay ahead of the game when it comes to successfully marketing your biz through the many platforms.

That’s why we’re calling in our resident social media guru Chloe Waugh, of Social Media Creative, to bring our tribe a monthly series on this very hot topic.

Over the past few months, Chloe has been sharing with us some valuable insight, tips and tricks on everything from using Snapchat and Instagram. Stay tuned in the next few months too, where Chloe will be giving us the low down on optimising Facebook ads, increasing organic Facebook reach, encouraging authentic community growth, running a business from home and working with influencers to grow your brand.

Today, though, she’s riffing on a topic that’s hot on everyone’s lips: Instagram stories.


When Instagram Stories launched, it was a hot topic of discussion. Everyone was asking, “Where do I hang out now, Instagram or Snapchat?”

Others grew frustrated after only recently making the move and heading over to Snapchat to start growing their community there. However you felt after the big announcement, there is a good chance it has blown over for you and you are potentially ready to make the most out of the new and exciting function that Instagram offers.

I asked around my circle of online friends in business what they were thinking of doing. They all had a similar plan: Snapchat for more personal, fun, candid-weekend moments type sharing, whilst Instagram was going to be more of an extension of their Business Profile and branding message.

So seeing as social media for business, bloggers and entrepreneurs is my thing, I wanted to share some of my tips on using Instagram Stories for your business:


Use your brand values as a filter

You don’t get a fancy butterfly crown, or random filter to help you on IG stories like you do on Snapchat, but you can create your own filter, which is made up of your brand values.

Knowing your brand inside out is super important for any business, whether you are a personal brand or not. Spend the time to write down your key-values and when you share something on your live IG story, be sure that it is in line with these values.


Think of Instagram Stories as an extension of your profile

If you have established your Instagram profile for your business as a positive, informative and all-round great place to hang out for your ideal clients and customers, you need to make sure that the stories you share have the same vibe.

Of course, your story can be behind the scenes, a little more personal, sharing of current experiences etc., just ensure that in doing this, you are providing value and sharing inspirational content with your followers.


Drive people to view your stories

Consider a cool giveaway, special Q&A, or sharing a ‘tip of the day’ in your IG Story feed. Ask your community to head to your stories to find out the details. The more they interact and engage with you on your story, the further up your profile will appear in their feed.

Tag and share and Like and comment competitions have been done and done again, why not mix it up and make the most out of the new function?


Be entertaining, valuable and creative

Instagram Stories is your opportunity to get creative and have fun! Experiment with your daily shares and work out what your audience responds to and what might not be working. Why not reach out to your followers; consider asking them what they would like to see more of.

Stories is much more real and unedited — use it to really show your personality, interests, passions and lifestyle.


Be consistent

Showing up consistently on social media is really important- it helps you stay fresh in the minds of your community. Consistency is also important if you have decided to factor Stories into your social media strategy. The more people can grow to expect and look forward to what you share, the more you can connect with and engage your audience.


I would love to see how you guys rock your Instagram stories! Let’s connect by sharing your handles below and I will come to find you! I share my real time stories, tips and tricks over at @socialmediacreative – I look forward to connecting with you.

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