Social encounters drain you. You find joy in your own company, often pursuing creative endeavours. This is when you feel most energised and alive. Labeled the ‘quiet type,’ you find small talk cumbersome and would prefer to get to the deep and gritty. You’ve also been called ‘too intense,’ dislike networking because it makes you feel like a phoney and you screen your calls so you are not interrupted unless super necessary.

Welcome to the world of an introvert. These descriptions are of course extreme generalisations, and as pointed out in the Pros and Cons of Being an Extrovert article, most of us have traits of both extreme personality types.


So, without further ado, the pros and cons of being an introvert!



You look to the big picture

You’re more interested in ideas and the big picture rather than finer facts and details. Of course, you may very well excel in detail-oriented tasks, but you tend to think about the wider context and often in abstract and artistic ways.


You notice the little details others don’t

While you may get overwhelmed by too much outside stimuli, you have a keen eye for detail and notice many things that others around you simply don’t, like the sun’s reflection, how someone is really feeling in a conversation (despite what their words are saying) and the texture of the sand underneath your feet. Research has found that introverts have increased brain activity when processing visual information compared to extroverts.


You’re a writer

You are better at communicating in writing than in person and are drawn to creative and solitude professions like being a writer. Even J.K Rowling says she feel most charged when she has time alone with her thoughts!

Downtime doesn’t feel unproductive

You need time alone to recharge your batteries. You and your nearest and dearest understand this about you. Home alone with a stack of magazines is your idea of heaven.




You screen your calls, even from friends

You don’t screen your friends’ calls because you dislike them, but you would prefer to call them back when you’re mentally prepared and have gathered the energy for the conversation.


You start to shut down if active for too long

If you have been out for longer than normal, you get tired and unresponsive. Whether you realise it or not, this is because you are trying to conserve energy. The outside world causes you to expend your energy so you need to retreat to replenish your stores after a certain period of time.


You often feel alone in a crowd

Do you sometimes feel like an outsider in the middle of a social gathering or group activity, even with people you know? This is sometimes the case for introverts, especially if you’re energetically feeling low and your mind is whipped up in a frenzy thinking about big picture dreams.


Share your thoughts on being an introvert. Any other pros and cons to add to the list?

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