Are you an extrovert? Do you love to connect, socialise, take risks and tout your opinion?

Over at the DG headquarters, we have compiled a list on the pros and cons of being an extrovert. From rich personal and professional experiences to being pigeonholed as an attention seeker, life as an extrovert can be equality rewarding and isolating.

Check it out on the site. Where do you sit? Article on the life of an introvert to come… Stay tuned.

Pros and Cons of Being an Extrovert

So you’ve been labeled an extrovert. You thrive off socialising and seeking opportunities for adventure. You dig excitement, direct your energy to those around you and love to take risks.

Psychologist Carl Jung first introduced the term extroversion to encompass people who are generally outspoken, drawn to crowds, assertive, animated, opinionated and frequently searching for new experiences in the company of others.

Now there are A LOT of pros when is comes to being an extrovert, and there are a fair share of cons too.

Over at the DG headquarters, we have complied our list of pros and cons for you. It’s important to note though, most people sit somewhere in between an extrovert and introvert, and demonstrate qualities of both. These insights are generalisations all taken in good fun! We would love to hear your thoughts!

Pros NO1

Always have a story to tell

 Extroverts are usually very outgoing and like to mingle and be social with new people in a variety of different interactions and contexts, whether that be at a party, travelling overseas, taking on new job ventures or joining the soccer team. With this new experiences and exposure to different people, extroverts usually have a story to tell… rather interesting ones too!


Learn new skills quickly

The first to jump on board that plane, volunteer to speak at the conference or host the reunion party, extroverts are open to new experiences and opportunities and generally learn new social and life skills quickly by having a good ol’ crack. 


Lots of connections

 It’s no surprise that extroverts crave social interaction and are very proactive when it comes to making friends. Not known to shy away from the spotlight, they typically handle social pressure well (some may even welcome it!) Usually very upbeat people with high self-esteem, extroverts make friends easily and flourish in group and crowd settings.


Rich personal and professional life experiences

Extroverts lust for excitement is often reflected by their career, lifestyle and hobby choices. Whether that’s a busy job in PR, deep sea diving, fire fighting or bungee jumping, the emphasis is on the experience, both personal and professional.



Shallow relationships

While extroverts are skilled at connecting and meeting new people, these new connections often become more of acquaintances than friends because many extroverts don’t have the time to delve in and develop a meaningful relationship with each and every person they meet.


Difficult to be alone

The need to be constantly engaged with others can be a great hindrance for extroverts as they find it difficult to be alone in solitude for too long. Reading a book or taking a long bubble bath wouldn’t necessarily float an extrovert’s boat because before long, boredom sets in and the mind starts to wonder.


Seen as attention seekers 

People are sometimes quick to box extroverts and devalue their worth and contribution because of their desire to be seen and heard often. While most people enjoy their company because of their upbeat nature, with enough time, some people sense hollowness because they haven’t connected on a deeper level.



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