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Your ability to jump back into your professional life after a holiday, feeling more fit and healthier than before; starts before you have booked your long-awaited escape.

We all want to come back a box of birds, and not looking and feeling like something that the cat dragged in.

Aussie’s love to travel and explore the world; we’re a passport loving nation. So if you are going to take off overseas you need to have a think not just about the type of holiday you want, but also the type that you need. Here are my top 5 tips on how to enjoy a healthy holiday.

Be Preppy

The research, planning and anticipation of a holiday is something I personally LOVE. It’s a way to extend the positivity and excitement that a holiday gives you. So roll up your sleeves, fly your geek flag high, and let the googling commence!

Aim to plan a holiday that is going to give you a fun healthy break, and make you feel great. Something that will actually deliver on your goal of coming back refreshed and raring to go.

Whilst a week in London pubs catching up with mates, or a boozy week Greek island hopping sounds SO tempting. The reality is that you probably aren’t going to get much (any!?) exercise done, and you’ll be overindulging in everything you can get your overworked little hands on.

Try find a holiday experience that balances everything you need and want.

Get The Feels

The best advice is to think about how you want to feel when you get back, and let that be your starting point. The last thing you want to do is get home and feel like you need another holiday, or that you haven’t even had one at all! Urgh.

Think about how you can ensure that you don’t disrupt your normal healthy habits or gym mojo. There is an emerging trend of fitness-based holidays which can help with exactly that problem. A small group retreat of like-minded health conscious buddies can keep you on track when you’re on the road.

You can even use your break to kickstart some new habits, and try out some new fitness or wellbeing activities. Your holiday can be a great time to try out kickboxing, or CrossFit, or something else new to you.

Your holiday should include healthy food, regular exercise, relaxation time, ethical and sustainable tourism activities. Be careful not to rely on cocktails to relax and unwind. All it tends to do is numb the work stress, which rears its head again within half a day of being at work. Double urgh.

This was the driving force behind my business, HyperFit Travel. I wanted to provide guests with the perfect mix of fitness activities and cultural experiences that would leave them feeing physically and mentally fitter, as well as culturally and creatively inspired.

Guts and Glory

Another super important part of your holiday prep is how you treat your body in the lead up to that wonderful moment when you walk out the door and wave goodbye to your colleagues. A healthy gut is essential preparation for your holiday. The alternative is losing precious days of relaxing or activities, and on holiday, you are more than likely to experience change in diet, different ingredients and food preparation, challenges from bacteria and other nasties, even motion sickness and dehydration.

Nutritionist Dr Megan Chircop of Body Sculptors Australia recommends starting healthy gut prep a couple of weeks before your trip. An easy habit is to switch to a probiotic or Greek yoghurt for breakfast. This gives your tummy a head start on dealing with all the unusual stuff you’re going to force it to deal with!

It can also be useful (and fun!) to eat a few dishes from the country you are going to in the weeks leading up to your departure as this can help your stomach get used to different ingredients and spices. This is a particularly good idea if you are heading somewhere where the local cuisine is very different from your usual diet.

The Subtle Art of Flying

Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. I’ll just leave that there OK.

Make sure you get those ankles waggling and legs pumping regularly on long flights to prevent swelling and blood clots. Get yourself up for regular stretching, and hey if you are drinking enough water you’ll find that those bathroom breaks are the perfect time to stretch the legs!

Rocket Fuel

Plane food is so “good” that the air crew don’t eat it! Seriously.

Especially on long-haul flights, the food contains a lot of salt to help preserve it longer. Best to take your own food so that you know what you’re eating and can avoid weighing yourself down with whatever is plonked in front of you. Pack a fresh fruit salad a light, healthy chicken salad, an apple, and maybe consider chucking a couple of low-sugar muesli bars in your bag and voila!

If you love a blend of fitness, health, & travel, be sure to check out more from HyperFit Travel Founder Vickie Helson here!

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