Yes! You see, everyone can achieve amazing things. Absolutely everyone. Being a perfectionist however, can stop you even before you get started. Perfectionism definitely has its aspiring qualities, but if unchecked, it can wreck havoc on your greatest dreams.

If you are a perfectionist, then you have very likely procrastinate sometimes (or many times!) in your life. On the journey to achieving ‘perfect’, you can lose time, opportunities, sabotage your goals or even ruin your career.


Perfection can be an obstacle in many areas of your everyday life and might look like:

  • Missing deadlines
  • Ruining the icing on the cake
  • Missing your flight
  • Losing that case you had your heart set on

Productivity is a huge part of the perfection circuit. Without productivity, achieving success is hard. When you are productive, you you can achieve more goals in less time and that’s how most businesses thrive, don’t they? Here are the many ways achieving perfection can be an obstacle to your productivity.

If you are a perfectionist…


You are more inclined to procrastinate

A Type-A person can be impatient, work with ambition and be highly competitive. These may be admirable qualities in the workplace but in a bid to be perfect – to make that perfect report or presentation – you may end up procrastinating, a lot.

Being a procrastinator can turn into an ugly habit. Take charge of your life now! The poor decisions you make when you procrastinate can mar your reputation. And ultimately, the stress can get to you and affect your health!

You cannot work with your full potential when procrastination affects your productivity.


You are afraid of negative feedback

A perfectionist may be afraid of negative feedback. They may work hard and long hours to achieve “perfection” so no one can come back with any negative feedback.

Here is some news for you though. Getting feedback is good! Tara Sophia Mohr who is an expert on women’s leadership and wellbeing says that feedback tells you more about your audience than about yourself. She gives an example of receiving feedback that tells you that your blog is boring. Well, this feedback talks of the people who found it boring and actually says nothing about your writing style or design. It tells you more about what your audience wants and that is valuable.

Feedback gives you insight into how to improve your work. It could be a report, presentation or your website. If you are afraid of being anything less than perfect, then you will miss out on constructive feedback that enhances your product, website or brand. Productivity-wise, you’re not going to win any awards because you’ll end up back on the circuit trying to navigate your way to perfection, but ultimately end up tirelessly wasting time because you weren’t open to constructive feedback that would have actually saved you time.

Now that’s a killer, don’t you think?!


You burn yourself out!

Speaking of working countless hours, trying to achieve perfection will burn you out. Burnout is actually defined as the failure of an electrical device or component through overheating. Yep. Black and white, and that’s what happens to you when you work too much. When there is no work life balance, you’ll be making a beeline to burnout central.

Being burnout can make you feel perpetually tired. You may find it less and less interesting to do the things you loved doing before. You can become overly critical and hurt people or business relationships. You may become so disgruntled that all you think about is getting away from your job as soon as possible.

You can only imagine how being burnout can affect your productivity then. How can you possibly get any work done if you don’t feel like it? 


How to not let perfection be an obstacle in your everyday life

If you have a business idea, you don’t to want to work endlessly on just crafting the perfect business plan. Start your business and conquer it one level at a time. Who knows, by the time you do start your business, someone may have preceded you already. They would’ve made the money that actually belongs to you.

If you are working on releasing an app or a software, don’t waste a lot of time just testing and fixing bugs. Release a beta product and work with it on the go. You don’t want to lose a great concept to someone else who releases it before you!


If you want to get healthy or get fit, then you may procrastinate by looking for that perfect gym or outfit or day to start. See what you’re doing here? With every day that goes by, you lose precious time to be healthy and fit. Just go for a walk and everything else can fall into place little by little.

If you have to email, don’t mull around thinking about, formatting it and perfecting it to glory. The most successful business people respond to emails quickly. This ensures there is no loop in communication. Checking emails during specific hours of the day also keeps many organised.


Having more time lets you be more productive.

Don’t waste your time achieving perfection.

It is an impossible feat.

Being good is good enough and you can always get better with feedback!

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