Your body is waiting for you to start to listen.

To it — and to yourself.

Why? Because each symptom, issue and emotion is communicating something to you.

Your body is a wonderful tool of consciousness and awareness.

BK22Who are you?

Where are you going?

You don’t have to look so far — you don’t necessarily have to look for a guru. You can start to look very close to you —within you. Health and wellbeing always starts from the inside out.

The first step is to listen to your body.

What is your body communicating to you?

How are you feeling right now?

Are you experiencing any emotions or physical pain?

Your body already knows the answer. You already know the answer — you just need to pay more attention to your body’s messages.

Are you listening?

Now focus on what you’re listening to. When did the pain start? Today? Maybe yesterday? Possibly a few days ago — and you might not have paid enough attention to it. And so, your pain has grown ‘louder’, to let you know that something is going wrong. That a part of you disagrees with what you are doing.


Which part?

We are all divided by two or more things. Always questioning what are we doing, wanting to do this and, at the same time, hoping to do something else. Heading in that direction, but unsure if it’s the right one. Embrace your doubts. There is never a ‘good’ thing or a ‘bad’ thing. There’s never a perfect direction or a perfect way to do what we are going to do. Stop struggling. There’s our thing. There’s our direction.

BK10What is yours?

Yes, good question.

What is your direction?

Only you know the answer. Your body is waiting for you to realise how perfect you are —how amazing you are. Not because you’re doing something special, or got that promotion or because you achieved that goal, but simply because you are.

You are you, and this is already something special.

Just like our fingerprints, our soul has a print, a note, a track — something completely unique. And she is waiting to leave that uniqueness in the world. She communicates to us through our body and our intuition. Trust your intuition.

BK01And now?

Now it’s time to start listening to yourself and trust your intuition. It’s time to embrace your brain’s right and left hemispheres. To include your creativity as well as your rationality. To melt the opposites that, in reality, are complementary. To finally be whole and not divided anymore. To finally live holistically, finding harmony in your thoughts, emotions and body. Be you, be real, be authentic.

Follow your heart and you will find your inner guru — slowly but surely. Speaking your truth is a daily exercise that at the beginning can be tricky, but in the end will gift you with something immeasurable: your uniqueness.


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Veronica Pacella is a Holistic Nutritionist and Life + Health Coach. After years dedicated to study holistic disciplines and personal research in spiritual and personal growth, she decided to take a two-month trip to Australia to greet her relatives.
There a number of meetings, coincidences and synchronicities lead her to overturn some points of view and to start studying at the Beautiful You Coaching Academy. The rest is a wonderful journey between situations, encounters and experiences linked by a network of connection, support and love that goes around the world!