Are you over the Overwhelm?

Sometimes life is just overwhelming. It takes us on a ride, on a to-do list that, most of the time, is not even ours. We wake up and do our thing, get the kids ready for school, go to work, or whatever first stumbles in front of our feet. There really is no rhythm; we just go from one point to another point. This feels overwhelming; it feels that energy is dripping away. It is not having control over your own day, but rather giving away your power.

Making a change within your day and leaving the overwhelming behind;

Screen-Shot-2014-08-22-at-9.08.10-PM   Really start taking charge of your day, having the feeling that your day goes the way you would like it to go. I know we read a lot about going with the flow and being flexible. You know all that nice jazz that others tell us. It is important that you take on YOUR flow; this means YOUR rhythm of the day. This will automatically presents you with the things you would love to do.


Stepping into your own space, your own power, basically your own YOU. Start your day in a real nice, calm way. If necessary, yes, get up a little bit earlier. Sometimes 5 minutes before the alarm clock really gives you a calm start. To give yourself that time to put your feet on the ground next to your bed and really breathe in and out. To make sure it is going to be your day and your flow.


Start feeling your body. What does your body need, what kind of food is it craving, does your body need more you time, movement. Or does your body want more family time, spent hanging around the dinning room table and chatting. Find what is it you need, and make sure that every day you do exactly that.


This one is as important as the first one. By the end of the day, write down or stand still by what has made the day special. Because every day has something special, not only once in a blue moon. YOUR day is special every day on its own terms.

It is very important to let go of the overwhelming, letting go of what cannot be done. Let go of the things that didn’t happen for some reason. Life is living by your own set of rules. By your own flow, and having your own control in what your really would like to do. It is an amazing feeling to wake up with the feeling that today going to go where you want it to go, to have your own flow.

Let’s give these 4 steps a go. Let me know how you are getting along with these steps, how your day is unfolding. I would love to hear.


Either You Control It, or It Controls You




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Renee is an open-hearted and full-energy personality – she is a psychic life coach, educator, group facilitator, walker of life, traveler, wife, mother, and student. She works with people like you, Wild-Hearted people who are looking for those puzzle-pieces to complete their heart’s desires. Renee is here to support and guide in finding all of these pieces, making your picture perfect. Being a globetrotter for over 16 years gave her an open-minded & flexible attitude towards life. As an intuitive, she sees the possibilities in people before they have noticed it themselves. She loves the idea that we can reinvent ourselves whenever we need or want to.


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  1. Jarka | designedbylife on 5 . 04 . 2015 at 2:04 pm

    What a great article, Renee. I absolutely agree that we all have our unique flow throughout each day. I find myself sometimes feeling the pressure from others and always think I could be doing so much more to squeeze the most out of my days. Often times it’s actually me putting the pressure on. Yoga and meditation have really helped me on my path of ‘going with the flow’ and only do what feels good. Thanks for sharing your tips.

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