Old or young soul

Have you ever wondered if you were an old soul or not?

Here are six signs that you are:



Old souls view themselves, others, and life in general as a united reality. They understand how to be at peace with all conflicts and how to experience harmony within diversity. Since they view each being to be part of the broader scheme of things, their common motto is: “You do your own thing, and I’ll do mine.”

As an old soul, they have a philosophical outlook on life. They see the world on a larger scale than most people. When they’re faced with problems, they see it as a learning experience. It’s easier for them to focus on the lessons in every hardship because they see them as a part of your overall journey.

Old souls don’t place a lot of value on owning expensive and material things. They find that they get so much more on personal relationships and experiences than anything you could do on your own.

Way of Life

Old souls are more relaxed. They’re more laid back and detached in life. They find human existence to be more familiar and manageable. There are not so many issues that they struggle to deal with. Their main issues are more existential than material or psychological.

One of the difficulties old souls encounter is having lapses in apathy or complacency.  Unlike Young Souls, they are not driven to complete major projects before they die. They find joy in simply “Being”, rather than “doing”.

You will also notice Old Souls with a sense of separation from the “real world”. They recognise that there’s their perspective about life and relationships, and then there’s the conventional way. And so, Old Souls tend to be more rebellious. They do not believe one approach is better than the other, just different.

Even when the Old Soul is rebellious, they still have a high level of apathy and acceptance for others. Friends usually go to old souls for advice or to share a secret that they wouldn’t tell anyone else. They know they’ll listen without judgment. 

Hobbies & Interests

Old Souls enjoy solitude. They use it as a time to reflect on life and everything going on. They continually seek a higher understanding and are introspective about life. They also take pleasure in simple things, like drinking coffee, breakfasts with friends and reading the news. 

Their hobbies focus on self-actualisation. They find enjoyment out of self-expression through writing, art, music, and other outlets. Old souls are in touch with your natural abilities and often have an extreme interest in these abilities. 

Old souls also have a burning desire to attain the truth and inner wisdom. They will not be seen highly involved in religion, politics, or other educational facilities because they see that at the end of the day, we are all one with the universe.


Old Souls have a sense of self-assurance that is unusual for souls in other stages. They are not with brash confidence. This is not a “can-do” attitude. Rather, they’re more relaxed and philosophical about life. They are at ease with themselves. They have fewer worldly concerns.

The Old Souls emanate a calm, steady quality that has substance and depth. In contrast, the Young Souls are a bit more frantic and superficial, while the Mature Souls are more stressed and assailed by life.

Young Souls tend to talk loud and fast. Mature Souls tend to have a soft tone that’s laced with uncertainty. Old Souls have a slow, deep voice that’s more relaxed and unhurried. In the same way, Young Souls sometimes don’t like to make eye contact for too long. Mature Souls will do so when they’re not so distracted. Old Souls will tend to make direct eye contact with an unflinching gaze.


As an Old Soul, they’re sensitive and spiritual in nature. They tend to rely on their gut feel when making decisions. They’re connected to their intuitive powers and they can read people well.

Even when they don’t have a large circle of friends, they’ve always feel like they are comfortable. 

Regardless of where they are, they seem to be the kind of people that strangers feel comfortable talking with. Something about them makes other people spill their life story with them within minutes of meeting an old soul.


So, are YOU an Old Soul?


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