Do You Have the Courage to Take Action on Your Passion?

Every journey has its destination and every story has an end. The stories we remember are the ones we connect to, and the ones we connect to are the ones we wished was ours. But in the mix, we often forget what makes the stories memorable, Courage.

The start-up ecosystem is a true definition of Courage where individuals from different walks of life take the pledge to follow their passion. The journey for them is nothing short of surprises and every step presents a new set of challenges. These individuals have the ability to see through challenges because they are self-driven, self-motivated and passionate to make a difference in the world. It’s a way to give back to the community they are a part of.

Collectively, my wife (co-founder) and I have spent 31 years in the corporate world building a successful career in business, technology and sales/marketing. In the eyes of the world we were doing very well, great paying jobs, a beautiful family and an incredible lifestyle.

But, it was missing something, Contentment.

Fourteen months ago we decided to follow our passion and exited our corporate jobs to build a world where we can balance technology and real social connections. At the time, the word ‘Courage’ was simply executing an amazing idea – but the true meaning has only just started to resonate. The deeper we look the stronger the definition gets and we are still on the surface, such is life.

  • Taking action – Even when no one believes in your idea

How much have you wanted to do something for yourself and how long are you going to wait? The fear of failure is the first thing that you need to overcome. We tend to become a “follower” of the system because it’s easier and safer and in the mix we often burn our dreams or put it aside for a rainy day.

Understand that not every idea will be successful, trust that we had many crazy ones ourselves before Bsociable.

We brought Bsociable to life because we truly believe that there needs to be a balance between technology and real social interactions. The influx in mobile apps has somehow disengaged us from our own wellbeing and as a result there are increasing concerns on issues such as mental health, cyber bullying, depression, anxiety and more. After consistent efforts we introduced the Bsociable app in October 17 which has now reached 7000+ users worldwide.

The first step is to set your intentions and write it down, then follows the courage to execute those intentions in a thought out plan of action.

  • Believing in the possibilities over problems

Possibilities and Problems are only an individual’s perspective. If your focus is on problems, you will have more of them and if your focus is on possibilities, you will be surrounded by opportunities.

When we decided to exit the corporate rat race, we received calls and free advice from every man and the dog asking us to reconsider but it was apparent that despite of them being a well-wisher they are offering us nothing but their own fears. They are surrounded by problems and possibilities for them are limited to dinner table discussions.

Beware of the person who fears evolution.

  • Differentiating ‘what is’ from ‘what if’

You often hear in conversations people say “it is what it is” which in our opinion, is a conversation killer. People love living in a comfort zone but they forget that nothing ever grows in comfort.

We had the option to continue our journey in the corporate world and live with ‘what is’ available but our instincts and desire to make a change led us to think ‘what if’ our vision becomes successful and ‘what if’ Bsociable becomes the largest platform for social events, just the way we intended – we have never gambled and will never encourage anyone to do it either but calculating the risks based on our knowledge and experience to execute an idea, was a no brainer.

  • Separating emotions from execution

The list of emotions written by Robert Plutchik’s is a good reflector of emotions that we are surrounded with and experience on a daily basis which is what makes us human.

The tech industry is flooded with leading social media apps and platforms, building another app could have been a catastrophe far before we started. Being aware of our emotions was essential because we identified a gap in a crowded marketplace and were likely to be dismissed.

Keeping a check on your emotions before making decisions is likely to result in better outcomes because we are not influenced by our own or someone else’s sentiments.

  • Inspiring others to believe in your vision

People get inspired by the culture of a company, which is a combination of values and behaviour. At Bsociable, we are building a culture which directly reflects our brand name – Bsociable. Our vision is to “accelerate the transition to a sustainable work-life balance” and that is what’s inspiring our partnerships with our customers.

The foundation of a robust culture starts at the time of business inception. We live in the era of technological growth and people are the most important asset that any company can attain. Therefore, it makes it essential to build a culture that everyone connects with.

  • Being true and transparent

Truth and Transparency are often used as buzzwords in companies and it’s not uncommon to find them written on walls as a core company value – unfortunately they are left as part of the furniture and rarely put in practice.

As a start-up the important part of being true and transparent is “No Hidden Agenda”.

We are a team, we collaborate, we cooperate, and we collectively make decisions.

A frequently asked question from investors, media, peers and our app users always gets me excited “How does Bsociable make money? The app is free”. Similar questions will be directed to you throughout your journey, as with any thing in life presumptions and opinions are probably already made. For Bsociable, the assumptions are – sell data, use advertising, the app users are the product, etc. These are fair assumptions given the current social media climate and I would comfortably agree if that was our business model, but it’s not.

It’s important to be true and transparent about your business model as that is a true reflection of your values and behavior, ultimately your culture.

  • Courage is only the beginning

Founders are very visionary; they have the ability to create a world in their minds that doesn’t exist. They can create solutions for ongoing problems or they can simply predict the future and get there before anyone else does.

“It’s moving, its changing, so appreciate what’s good about right now and be ready for what’s next” – Michael J Fox

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