It’s as simple as this: If eating chemicals is not your thing, don’t put them on your skin. If you choose to feed your body with natural and organic foods, it only makes sense to feed your skin with natural and organic skincare.

The skin absorbs around 60% of what’s applied to it, so it’s astounding to realise just how many toxins are in most everyday skincare products.


Synthetic chemicals applied to your skin can be absorbed into your organs and blood stream. They show up in breast milk and in the umbilical cords of newborn babies. The cumulative effect of years of built up chemical toxins are also linked to numerous auto immune, reproductive and hormonal issues.

Why risk using synthetic chemicals that potentially pollute our bodies and the environment, when nature offers so many safe alternatives?

Modern evidence based testing can now prove the complexity and healing benefits of natural botanicals, many of which have been used for thousands of years.


Supporting natural and organic skincare not only benefits personal health but also contributes to a healthier planet. Every decision made to support organic is helping to reduce pesticides and the pollution of our waterways and ecosystems.

When you begin to use, understand and support natural ingredients, you will embark on a journey, which will leave you in awe of nature. All it takes is a whiff of a drop of pure essential oil to whisk you mind to far away fields and forests.

With Mother’s Day coming up, let’s pay tribute to the ultimate mum…Mother Nature!

She has been unconditionally generous; providing us with food and life since the beginning of time. Nature holds the answers and the key for true beauty. Mothers have to teach their children to love what nature has bestowed on them. They have to learn to embrace all of earth’s beauty, starting with their own beauty.

We shouldn’t allow toxic beauty to pollute our bodies, our minds and the environment. Let’s educate our sons and daughters on the matter of true beauty…that which is intelligent, kind and unique.

Let’s celebrate the kind of beauty that comes from within and appreciate with age this Mother’s Day!


Top 5 Gifts to spoil your Mum with this Mother’s Day:


Mokosh Organic Liquid Soap – Cedarwood, Rosalina and Sweet Orange, $17.50


This aromatic certified organic soap from Mokosh combines citrus, cedarwood and rosalina essential oils to create an uplifting and invigorating scent.


Saltie Soul’s Watermelon Sea Scrub, $19.79

A natural body scrub filled with the antioxidant rich super fruits, watermelon and pomegranate. With purifying minerals and nourishing oils, this soulful salt natural scrub gently exfoliates to smooth the skin, leaving you with glowing, healthy looking skin.



Flora Remedia’s Let It Go Organic Fragrance, $24.95

An organic fragrance based on the concepts of healing energy found in nature. ‘Let it Go’ is full of organic essential

oils that are soothing, centering and balancing towards moods with a deep, crisp, citrus and floral scent. The roll-­‐ on bottles are so convenient they will fit in any handbag!



Aromatherapy Candle Jar, $29.95

These 100% soy wax candles are hand made in Australia using only 100% pure organic essential oils and cotton wicks. These pure candles come in a simple white jar which sits beautifully in any room, at an affordable price tag.



Body Butter Frankincense Organic, $42.00

Here – a little goes a long way. The 100% organic combination of rich base oils plus our favourite essential oils for    skin rejuvenation -­‐ lavender, geranium and frankincense -­‐ creates an intensive moisturiser that instantly protects  and  heals,  balances  and rejuvenates.




Looking for gift box ideas?

Look no further than these organic gift boxes wrapped with recyclable and earth friendly materials, and suitable for any Mum!

Clean and White Box, $60

Musq Hand Wash Lemon Myrtle + Aromatherapy Candle Jar

Indulge Box, $70

Mokosh Body Wash + Flora Remedia Organic Fragrance + Saltie Soul Scrub

Pure and Light Box, $70

People for Plants Face Cream + Mokosh Organic Bar Soap + Flora Remedia Organic Fragrance

Fresh Box, $80

Flora Remedia Organic Fragrance + Kelapa Body Wash + Aromatherapy Candle Jar

Pamper Box, $90

Saltie Soul Scrub + Mokosh Oragnic Body Moisturiser + Mokosh Organic Bar Soap

Wish Box, $100

Saltie Soul Scrub + Flora Remedia Organic Fragrance + Musq Handwash + Aromatherapy Candle Jar

Buying on a budget? No worries – Orli will create a personalised gift box to suit you and your Mum! All Mothers Day gifts will also include free shipping.




Want a chance to win your Mum the ultimate beauty and skin care gift box this Mother’s Day? Head over to our Facebook (/ or Instagram (@thedailyguru) page and follow the Daily Guru + Orli Freebie Friday giveaway prompts! (Competition dates 29th April – 6th May 2016)

The most creative applicant will win their Mum the perfect gift for relaxation and indulging -­‐ The Pamper Box, valued at $90.

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