Blossoming into Motherhood – My Journey in Self-Care


My son is 20 months old, and I’m expecting my second child in five months. It was not until I found out about this second baby, that I became aware of a spiritual and physical fatigue in me that I had been ignoring. It was not on purpose, but I had not listened to, nor made time (or had time!) to be aware of, this niggle swirling around inside me for the better part of this year.


As a Naturopath, I empower women to revitalise their health and happiness through natural medicine. I promote balance and wellbeing as the cornerstones of healthy living. How could I have lost this balance for myself? The truth is, I lost myself for a while, because I got caught up in the journey of becoming a mother. I forgot about the journey that I, myself, am on. How can you not? The first year of motherhood is what you brace yourself for – sleepless nights and being fully available 24 hours every day to your little one. You’re a protector, and nurturer, and even with all your good intentions of self-care, you, yourself, take a back seat.


It is in my second year of motherhood that I am truly beginning to understand my role as a mother, teacher, entertainer and disciplinarian… mostly in that order. This requires more energy, creativity and imagination than I had anticipated. It came as a rude shock to my routine. Last year, I built an online business from concept to launch. In my mind, I had assumed I could continue the same energy and focus growing it this year. I was very wrong. Being the entertainer requires enthusiasm, spirit and creativity. These are qualities that can only come from a mother whose cup is full and illuminated with passion and energy; a mother who is taking care of herself.


The adjustment has been long but I now have a deeper appreciation for how one must “blossom” into motherhood. This can only happen when you truly relax into the role, aligning it with your sense of self and how it fits into your own journey. This blossoming process requires a letting go, a slowing down, and a settling in, that when resisted, causes fatigue, anxiety and dissatisfaction in your life. It requires embracing your little ones, in the stages they’re in, in all their glory (tantrums included). Actively enjoy every hour, because they are not young, small and adorable for long. When you let go and embrace this, you are brought into this very moment, and you can see it through your child’s eyes. Suddenly, it all makes perfect sense, and there’s no conflict between self-care and motherhood.

For some, rituals like painting nails, massages, a night out with the girls, date night, working part-time, or blogging, is their journey in self-care and their path in blossoming into motherhood. For me, it turned out to be a simple, but deep acknowledgment of where I am in my journey, right now. Coming back to this moment is enough to bring tears to my eyes at the blessings in my life, and how extraordinary a role motherhood is, when we embrace it fully and align it with our own journey.



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