We know you love a good blog. You may even have a blog of your own or are considering starting one, but you’re wondering how you can make money from squirrelling away in your online corner of the web.


Over on The Daily Guru today, we share six ideas on how to turn your blogging hobby into an income generator.

It’s time to monestise your creative efforts!


Create You Own Products

The selling of knowledge is HUGE. Once you build up your position and profile among your ideal audience and feel you have a loyal following, you can start to sell products exhibiting your expertise. Whether it’s cooking, health and nutrition, mindfulness practice, copywriting, graphic design or website setup (whatever really!), you can create e-books, audio recordings, videos, online courses or decide to publish your very first book! If you author the product yourself, then you keep 100% of the profit!



Once you have leveraged yourself as a credible voice on your blog and have developed a strong community and brand reputation, you can make money by offering services in line with your area of expertise either online or offline. Some popular and lucrative options include coaching and consulting.


Shop Sales

 If you have a physical product to offer, which is in line with your blog, for example art prints, stationary, clothing, makeup or crystals for example, you can use the blog as a face for your very own online store! 


Affiliate Programs

Affiliate marketing is a proven great way to develop residual income. It is important however, to maintain the reputation of your own blog. You must feel 100% comfortable and confident when promoting the affiliate product or program. Make sure it is aligned with you and your brand image. You will be paid a certain amount or percentage each time a customer purchases the product via your affiliate link.


Paid Posts

Did you know you can get paid to review products and sites on your blog? When doing this though, it is important to disclose the fact that it is a paid review to maintain integrity and transparency with your tribe, and be sure to never give a positive review unless you’re really feeling it!


Membership programs

Be generous with your community and provide quality resources for free on your blog to give your readers some insight into the ‘paid’ products available. You can also provide a membership program where much more of the same high quality and generous resources are on offer. You can charge a one-off or monthly membership fee for access to this exclusive space on your blog.


We would love to hear from you and your experiences of monetising your blog in the comments below!

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