I first heard about the Law of Attraction through the film “The Secret.” A year later, I wrote a paper for college about how the theories of quantum physics could support the theories behind energy healing and the placebo effect.

Fast forward to 2018, and I have three degree-level science qualifications, am Reiki-attuned and I read tarot cards and runes. There are so many people at the moment focusing on mindset, on goals and obstacles within their own stories, and on the ‘science’ of changing habits. These are all great things to focus on, and are a huge part of how we perceive the world around us, including what opportunities we see and seize.

However, there is still this aspect of intuition, of “woo”, or esoteric-spiritual consciousness that arises in the self-development world… which are slowly becoming more “acceptable” to acknowledge.

There is Truth in the Woo.

If I visualise a tiger behind me; I can increase my heart-rate. If I imagine a warm fire; hear it crackling in my mind; I can temporarily stop myself shivering in the cold.

Even the most sceptical scientists agree that relaxing the muscles in the body and thinking positive thoughts will lower your heart-rate and blood pressure. This in turn, allows the nervous system to focus on healing instead of on keeping your heart rate steady or keeping your mind focused on your work.

Physics and Biology may not agree on the how, but they both agree that it can’t hurt to rest your body and shift your mind’s attention.

We know we want to lose weight, we know how to eat and exercise… and yet there’s a block. Equally, we know we want to shift our career choice, we can see the options, and yet we’re not in the headspace to take the action.

At the end of the day, we are emotional and energetic beings, with a desire to find meaning, and to make our mark in the world. We’re taught in Western cultures to be scientific, practical and logical. Yet, sometimes this isn’t enough.

Our intuition is important.

Having the practical skills is awesome, and definitely necessary to make progress. Without action, nothing changes. However, what we don’t realise is that sometimes the block to us accessing those logical techniques is one of internal processing.

Humans have an innate set of responses to our environment, such as the “fight or flight” response to stress. We have intuitions which, if we connect to them, can give us that little edge when we make decisions.

Personally, I think of this intuitive nudge as the subconscious cues my body and mind have picked up while I wasn’t paying conscious attention. Others feel it’s the guidance of a power outside of us.

And this is where I see a bridge to connect these two sides.

Whatever your view, pausing to listen to that nudge is always an extra tool to help us move forward.

When we’re stuck with the practical actions, there’s often a key piece missing from our motivation, our self-beliefs or our experience of the outer world. Through pausing to identify that block and form a bridge across the chasm, we can move forward with those actions.

If you’ve read a self-help book or completed a program and yet you end up in the same mental space three months later. This is often the step you’ve skipped.

There are many ways to reconnect with this inner sense, and the one I always recommend is to pause, and feel how your body reacts to any choice, decision or experience.

Are you excited or scared, do you suddenly feel tired or upset?  Is your first thought an excuse or a worry? Emotions are a signal for us to take action.

Pay attention to how your non-practical experiences respond. Then let that compass guide you in moving forward.


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