Meet Wellness Coach Elle Brown

I’d like to introduce you guys to someone who is very close to my heart. Wellness.

She is someone that I haven’t always had the pleasure of knowing; someone that I struggled for so long to let into my life. I want you to meet my super power, my guru; my friend. I want you to get up close and personal with her; to allow in the beauty and ease she can bring and to make space in your world for something that has done so much for mine. This year I want you to feel different; vibrant and well. I no longer believe that I can help you achieve this alone; It hasn’t been as effective as I’d hoped. My beautiful people you are still struggling, obsessing, counting, criticizing, weighing and I don’t think that’s good enough for you anymore; I don’t wish that for you for another moment, let alone another year. So I’ve brought in some back up, I’ve called in the only thing I truly believe can put a stop to this and make some real difference for the long term; not just for your booty, but also for your soul; not just for a few weeks but for your future.

Beauties, I’d like you to meet ‘wellness’.

Wellness doesn’t compete, she doesn’t compare or weigh. She isn’t sleepless nights, shallow breaths or elevated stress levels. Wellness isn’t closed, she doesn’t judge; she is balanced not measured.

Wellness doesn’t restrict; she doesn’t count or fear; she is not mean or boastful. Wellness won’t bad talk you in the mirror; she won’t make you feel guilty for enjoying your meal or criticize you for also enjoying dessert. Wellness allows you to be free. She gives you the opportunity to just stop. Stop obsessing, stop the confusion, wave on the struggle, ditch the diet; revel in the experience, enjoy the lightness.

Wellness wants you to shine.

Wellness knows it’s ok to have both a full heart and a full belly. She understands that at times we all just need a little cake; and when we deviate, she will gently encourage us to move back onto our path. Wellness likes to constantly remind you of how vibrant you can feel- when you open your eyes, when your chasing your little one around, when your belly laughing with your girlfriends or moving through a work day. She likes to give you a nice tap on the shoulder when she’s feeling a little tired and you will know what she needs- you two are very close.
Wellness likes you to feel beautiful, sexy, alive. She’s not really into numbers, sizes, measuring or devices.


Wellness likes soul, intuition, spirit; heart.

Wellness is present in every authentic statement, proper breath, warm cuddle. She’s with you when you chew your side of greens and she won’t leave your side when that boy breaks your heart and your elbow deep in the Maltesers. Wellness wishes you would place less emphasis on your flaws; we all have them and she loves you anyway. She is right there with you on your journey to shifting those few kilos, she just hopes you realize that you are so much more than that. Wellness wants you to do it for YOU; not for him, for them, or for the feed. Wellness wants you to know that she’s in it for the long haul; and that just between you and her, she believes weight loss is a phony; she’s concerned he’s in it for the wrong reasons; and that he isn’t worth your time anymore. She’s sorry to have to be the one to tell you that.

So, let me introduce you. Please. I know she will have your back because she’s always the one to have mine. 

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I am a Nutritionist living and working on Sydney's Northern Beaches.
I currently manage a beautiful children's program and work closely with female clients for women's wellness and overall health and well being.
I am incredibly passionate about Wellness and working with clients to find what makes them feel most vibrant.