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Congratulations on making the decision to review your life and see which area requires some TLC.


It can be too easy to let the days, weeks, months… (even years), slip by, not paying attention to the four key areas of our life and before we know it. We are feeling significant dissatisfaction with the results we are creating & the life we are living.


This simple and effective survey will help you see which area of your life causes you the most amount of dissatisfaction and needs some timely attention.   We also have a cool little gift for you at the end to help you begin taking action in your key area!


So, let’s get started!

Complete the questions below. Do not over think the questions, or try to answer with what you think you ‘should’ say. Instead answer with what comes up naturally for you and enjoy the process.



How happy are you with your overall health, wellness, and the general state of your physical body?

How would you rate your overall peace of mind, emotional stability, and mental wellbeing

How would you rate the overall quality of your current intimate relationship? If you are not currently in an intimate relationship, please rate your past or most recent relationship.

How do you rate the quality of your non-intimate relationships? (e.g. Friends, Family, Colleagues, etc)

How satisfied do you feel about your financial situation- both present and future?

How in control of your wealth creation do you feel?

How happy & fulfilled are you by your work?

How effectively do you meet and complete each outcome you set for yourself each day at work?

Complete this sentence: My first priority in life right now is...

Complete this sentence: People often compliment me on...



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