Social Media.

These days it’s about so much more than sharing photos with family, tracking down old school mates and long lost cousins or keeping tabs on your favourite celebrities.

It’s now one of the most powerful ways to market your biz by sharing your brand identity, connecting with your consumers and showcasing your products and services.

It harnesses the power of virtual word-of-mouth.

We have been running an article series called ‘Let’s Get Social’, where we’ve picked the brains of some of the most experienced and knowledgeable Social Media and Digital Marketing gurus to offer you, our tribe, some brilliant insights, tips and step-by-step guides to help you leverage and get the most from different social media channels.

We’ve filled you in on all the best bits and how-tos when it comes to Pinterest, Facebook and Instagram — and more recently, we’ve been focusing on growing your email subscriber list.

In the final instalment of our five-part series, our favourite online business coach and content strategist for rising entrepreneurs, Jenna Black, is sharing some secrets around creating email opt-ins for your tribe that pack a real punch.



When it comes to growing a sustainable online business, one of the most important marketing tools you can have is your email list.

Think about it, if you’re busy building a strong Facebook community, you don’t actually own that community (Facebook does), but if you put effort into building your email list, that’s all yours!

Today I’m going to walk you through the essentials of email opt-ins and what to look out for when creating your own. If you missed last weeks article on how to grow a powerful list, read it now and then come back here for the next step in email opt-ins.

Ready to find your next customers? Let’s get started!


What’s an email opt-in and why do you need one?

An email opt-in or lead magnet, is a term used for when someone is given the option to join your list and receive information from you via your newsletter. It’s essentially a ‘taster’ of what your business is all about, so your community can engage and feel inspired to buy from you.

I highly encourage you to set one up if you don’t already have it – whether you’re a blogger, service-based entrepreneur or product-based business, your email list is so vital for building a strong community and driving sales. Your email opt-in is important because it’s the link between a reader on your website simply reading and being ‘passive’ and them taking action to engage with your business in a more proactive way.


The money is in the relationship with your community

An email opt-in is your gateway to building a strong relationship with your customers. It’s your opportunity to reach them when you need to, and build trust and loyalty directly with your ready-to-buy customers. An engaged email list can be so valuable and powerful to your business, it’s one of the most efficient ways to drive sales too!


Irresistible email opt in ideas

Are you ready to create an irresistible email opt-in to build your community? There are so many options for you to choose from, but here are a few of my personal suggestions for easy-to-create opt-ins, that your audience will love.

A short email or video course

Creating a short email or video course is one of my favourite ways to build high value into your opt-in and build instant connection with your community.

An ebook, resource PDF or checklist download

Offering a mini ebook, resource PDF or checklist download is a quick and snappy way to share instantly actionable tips and advice with your subscriber. These are great to offer as ‘content upgrades’ at the end of a blog post.

A mini consultation (great for coaches) If you’re a service-based entrepreneur, offering a free mini consultation is a great way to build trust and upsell subscribers into your programs.

A discount or sample (great for product-based businesses)

If you sell products, offering an entry discount or a free sample or trial is an ideal way to give that ‘taster’ of your product and encourage the user to then buy.


How to create a great email opt-in (and what to avoid!)

After choosing your email opt-in idea, the next step is to create it! But, before you go gangbusters in the process, there are a few key things to do and to avoid to make sure your offering is enticing enough for your reader.

Things you should do when creating your opt-in:

  • Keep the information and delivery concise and consumable – make it easy to download, access and take action on!
  • Keep the message clear and focused – you want to entice your reader by making your opt-in very specific and focused. Include a strong call to action and a clear ‘result’ in your marketing copy to educate readers on what exactly they are getting
  • Make it actionable – include action steps or tips in your opt-in so that the user can clearly know what to do and how. The more action they take, the better results and sales for you!

Things you should avoid doing when creating your opt-in:

  • Giving away too much – there’s a fine line between giving free value and swamping people with way too much information. The key is to keep your freebie short and sweet – this means a one-page download or a three-part video course. If it’s too long, you’ll devalue your brand and the user won’t take action!
  • Not including a call to action or clear message – you want to ensure you are making it very clear to the user as to how they can sign up, why they should sign up and what to do once they are on your list. Make sure you include strong calls to action with a clear message about what to expect – you don’t want to confuse them or they won’t join your list.
  • Not guiding the subscriber in their journey – once the subscriber joins your list, it’s your chance to now guide them through their journey with you. If you just send them to their free download and that’s it, they will soon lose interest. A great way to maintain interest is by setting up an automated welcome series with a few emails to educate and inspire them!

Remember the golden rule in creating irresistible email opt-ins, is to keep your freebie clear, concise and easy to use. Sometimes the simplest opt-ins are the most powerful (think a one page checklist or an audio recording).

Always guide the user through their journey and welcome them into your community with open arms.

The money is in the relationship you have with your community, so putting your energy into strong email opt-ins and building that community will be your gateway to strong sales and a sustainable, happy business!


Be sure to download the below checklist, full of Jenna’s simple, actionable tips to creating an irresistible email opt-in!

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Jenna Black is a business and personal brand strategist. She works with quiet female entrepreneurs to help them build confidence, clarity and strategy into their business. Jenna believes in building a brand around your unique strengths, zone of genius, gifts and personality to create a business and life you are wildly in love with.